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Maintenance Tips

Dear Clients!

We are pleased to inform you that the following services are available in our show room:

1. When buying / ordering from 50 thousand rubles, delivery through the city is carried out at our expense;

2. When buying / ordering from 100 thousand rubles, free delivery to other regions of the Russian Federation is carried out;

3. If you need to assemble furniture, our employee will do it for free!

In addition, our show room gives an ANNUAL guarantee for KARE furniture!

Also, we have prepared for you a few tips on furniture care that it would serve you for a long time and pleased you every day!

KARE-HowToCleanEverything-Guideline With our tips on furniture care you will enjoy KARE product for many years.
General recommendations for the care of wood and leather furniture
× Powered By CoronaBorealis • Humidity and air temperature in the room have a significant impact on the service life of products of wood and leather. The ideal moisture conditions – from 50% to 60% at a room temperature of 20 ° C. Under these conditions, the wood is not shrinking or expanding, which means that no cracks. Nevertheless, an apartment or a house – it’s not a laboratory, where the conditions are always the same, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity no. At various times of the year may be significant changes in temperature and humidity, and it is quite normal. So when you ventilate the room, you have to think not only about their own welfare, but also on your furniture, which require stable climatic environmental conditions.
• It is important to avoid direct sunlight, which sooner or later may lead to damage to the wood, lacquer, fabric and leather. Therefore, avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. However, if your furniture is exposed to sunlight it can be protected by means of curtains. It is necessary to close the curtains in a period of intense sunlight. In order to avoid undesirable traces of the shadow on the surface of the furniture, which is under direct sunlight during the first few weeks, it is better not to place any objects on the newly purchased furniture. By the way, softwood is especially sensitive to light.
• Furniture should always be located far enough away from central heating radiators or other sources of heat or cold.
• All the cleaning and polishing preparations must first be tested on a small piece of furniture that is not in sight.