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25. August 2018

Новые модели диванов KARE+ В огромном модельном ряду диванов KARE пополнение: по многочисленным просьбам российских покупателей ассортимент дополнен раскладывающимися диванами со спальным местом! Три новых модели OTTO, RON и PORTU с обивкой из мягкого велюра разных цветов уже доступны к заказу! Увидеть диваны можно в нашем салоне на Большой Монетной, 16. Прямой или угловой диван, модель […]

08. June 2018

KARE Elements 2018

18. January 2018

We are proud to present our new catalog KARE ELEMENTS 2018 !!! Here you can find current trends and design solutions KARE in furniture fashion, decor and lighting.  

Time for presents!

15. December 2017

On the eve of the New Year holidays, we always think about what to give to relatives, friends or acquaintances, think over the decor of the festive table and decorations for the house. When we choose a gift, we remember the symbol of the coming year, we dream about a fabulous atmosphere, we focus on […]


25. September 2017

Oktoberfest in KARE! From 28.09 till 01.10 we invite you to the Bolshaya Monetnaya 16 to celebrate with us the famous Bavarian holiday! Customers are waiting for a lottery with gifts. Discount to order – 10% and up to 50% for some available products! KARE is all expect boring!

Vintage Romance

03. July 2017

We are glad to present our new collection “Vintage Romance”, which harmoniously combines the romantic-vintage style and solidity of wooden furniture! It brings a feeling of coziness and relaxation of suburban life! The love of detail and the skill of execution are felt in every subject of the collection. The furniture is made of mango […]


03. July 2017

The Puro collection represents a successful combination of furniture for decorating the living room, dining area and bar, as well as bedrooms or lounges. It is light, airy and feminine! All items are made of mango wood and decorated with carved handmade ornaments, original fittings. It brings a feeling of comfort, joy and relaxation after […]


22. May 2017

Три года назад шоурум KARE на Большой Монетной, 16 распахнул свои двери для клиентов. Приглашаем Вас с 22 по 24 мая KARE отпраздновать это событие с нами. Всех покупателей ждут вкусные угощения и лотерея с подарками, скидка на заказ – 10%, а на отдельные товары из наличия праздничная скидка – до 70%! Шоу-рум KARE – это пространство, наполненное […]

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