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23. March 2017

Time to get cosy! We wake up with a smile, the sun is shining through the window and we stretch luxuriantly before crawling back under the bedclothes once more. Our gaze travels around the bedroom and lingers with pleasure on the stylish dresser, the comfortable armchair, the made-to-measure cupboard – and then of course this bed. A heavenly bed in every way. The bed of our dreams – regardless of how many stars a hotel may have, it will never touch this bed. It means that even after the most wonderful holiday, coming home is always a real pleasure. Do you now have a mental picture of your perfect bedroom? Then hold on to it! What colours do you see, what’s the style of the furniture? Your bedroom at home could soon look exactly like this – and regardless of what you see in your mind’s eye, it can all be implemented, even if the room isn’t too large. And for all those who are still looking for a little inspiration, here are some of our top favorites for a stylish bedroom.


A bedroom in brown

Don’t let the dark colour shades put you off. At first glance brown isn’t sexy and may not appear to be the right colour for the bedroom. However, we associate warm shades of brown with closeness to nature and dependability. As a result they’re especially suitable when it comes to providing distracted and restless people with a wonderful night’s sleep. Of course the right shade of brown is important – you should avoid reddish shades of brown, and the colouring of the furniture should also range simply between beige and black. This will enable you to create a calm and stylish overall picture. We opted for a seriously dark shade of brown on the wall (Le Corbusier polyChro 4320J terre de ombré brulée 59), combined with a fabulous upholstered bed in contrasting beige. Distinctive touches and a feeling of lightness are created by huge pictures which are simply leaned against the wall – you don’t have to hang everything up – and a vintage serving trolley which has been given a new role as a bedside table.

KARE Bed City Spirit 160×200 cm


A bedroom in natural white and apricot

Natural white and apricot aren’t really new colours for the bedroom – in fact they are absolute classics. Because they are light, warm and friendly they have a positive effect on our mood. In Feng Shui apricot is one of the colours associated with emotional relationships. It is believed to radiate warmth and cosiness – in other words perfect for a feel-good bedroom. The colours may not be novel, but their implementation can be entirely distinctive and stylish. With our interpretation of a light-coloured bedroom we create a dream from the thousand and one desert nights, in which colourful carpets add a restrained touch to a plain, cream-coloured upholstered bed and a stylish metal dresser.

KARE Bed Szenario 160×200


A bedroom in blue

“Blue doesn’t have any dimensions – it’s outside of all dimensions” Yves Klein – according to Yves Klein blue is the only colour which has no dimensions. We associate the sky and the sea with blue – two elements which seem endless and eternal to us. For Yves Klein this makes blue a unique colour, and there’s no doubt that it has a distinctive effect on us. In addition to having a cool charisma, blue also represents harmony and calm – ideal for a bedroom. We recommend a strong shade of blue (Le Corbusier polyChro 4320T bleu outremer foncé oder  Le Corbusier polyChro 4320K bleu outremer 59), because a light blue can often make cool and greyish impression. You can also balance out any coolness in the blue with wooden furniture. A blue wall and a fabulous wooden bed create a gorgeous atmosphere. Blue creates a feeling of spaciousness, while the wood provides the necessary warmth and gives the room a down-to-earth harmony.

KARE Latino Bed 180×200

Have we inspired you to design your own dream bedroom? Or perhaps you can’t make up your mind because everything is fabulous? No problem. We’ll be happy to help you in word and deed. Our experts at KARE Kraftwerk have the necessary know-how. Whether it’s a cupboard, boxspring bed or dresser, nightstand, console table or armchair –  in addition to outstanding furniture in all styles, we can also offer you perfect paints for the wall by Le Corbusier and – exclusive to KARE – boxspring beds with Designers Guild fabrics. In other words, a real all-round carefree styling package for your bedroom.