Tableau en verre Oldtimer Back 160x120cm - KARE Design

Tableau en verre Oldtimer Back 160x120cm

  • Decorative photo art in museum quality behind glass
  • The car is a design statement from the 1950s, the image of which is just as cool
  • A cool collector's item, which hanging on a big wall makes a great eye-catcher
  • Aesthetics, design, grace - and the most beautiful back area of the city
  • Quite honestly: all big and small boys dream of a 300 SL Mercedes with wing doors! Plan it as a gift!

Informations sur les produits: image: polypropylène, Partie avant: 4 mm Verre verre de sécurité ESG plaxé, pour montage au mur horizontal

Dimensions (H/W/D): 120 x 160 x 4 centimeters

Poids: 19.2 kg

Référence article: 61474