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Sofá Desire 3p. gris plata

$ 3,289.00

Do it salon style! My Desire turns the living room into a salon. Based on the formal idiom of the legendary Chesterfield sofa with its typical details such as the armrests and backrest at the same height as well as the all-round studding with buttons, this sofa from the My Desire series goes its own way entirely, creating surprises with its refreshing re-interpretation of the classical design. At the same time it makes an impact with its slimmer design, seductive aesthetics and a touch of real glamour. My Desire always looks irresistible, regardless of the angle from which we look at it. Apart from the formal styling and shimmering silvery upholstery this impression is also created by the sensuous soft cover of fine velvet, which contributes sophistication with its exclusive gloss. This stylish look is only exceeded by the exquisite comfort which this elegant three-seater offers. Whether it s a relaxed evening in front of the TV, a conversation with friends or a formal occasion, My Desire is the perfect seating for all design lovers. Such a great design rarely comes alone, and My Desire is also available as an armchair and in further colours.

Información sobre el producto: Estructura: pino madera laminada acabado natural, Asiento: 30 kg/m³ poliuretano, Respaldo: 21 kg/m³ poliuretano, Cojines: 100 %, Pie/Pies: pino madrea maciza lacado, : 100000, : 4, : 4, : 4, Cuidado y mantenimiento: Art. 25002 Limpiador muebles

Medidas (H/W/D): 68 x 245 x 100 centimeters

Peso: 60 Kg

N° artículo: 79616