Coffee Table Pebbles Deluxe Silver (2/Set)

518,67 € / 3.907,92 HRK

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Coffee table: this fascinating set of two coffee tables with its organically shaped elements looks like a mosaic of smooth and rounded pebbles. A really charming composition that fits perfectly into a modern ambience. Also available in other versions.

  • These two round coffee tables are so unusual with their pebble design that they can even be placed in the living room as artistic objects. How fortunate that they can be used throughout the apartment as side tables, bedside tables or in front of the couch as coffee tables.

Materijal: steel nickel-plated, delivery assembled, delivery assembled, 25 x 56 x 56 cm, 30 x 66 x 66 cm

Mjere (V/Š/D): 30 x 66 x 66 cm

Težina: 12.77 kg

Šifra proizvoda: 82976

KARE brend simbolizira ideje za opremanjem prostora koje su jedinstvene, nekonvencionalne i autentične. Još od 1981. tvrtka iznenađuje obožavatelje diljem svijeta s neusporedivim i neiscrpnim izborom novog namještaja, rasvjete i asesoara.