Deco Figurine Sitting Leopard Gold 150cm

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Why not give it a pat! The graceful wild cat already seems to be purring. This outsize decoration has a height of 150 cm and is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher thanks to its modern design. A slender silhouette and the upright posture give the gold-coloured animal figure a special elegance. Partially handcrafted, each sculpture is a decorative one-of-a-kind. This extraordinary decorative object will make the hearts of cat lovers and fans of special decorations beat faster.

  • Extra-large decoration in gold: the seated leopard appears almost life-sized with its dimensions of 150 x 68 x 55 cm (H x W x D)
  • Unique: the animal figure is partly handcrafted, making each specimen a unique decorative object
  • Luxurious design: the imposing wild cat figure is made of artificial stone and has a gold-coloured finish
  • Stable: weighing a hefty 13 kg, the sculpture stands securely on its chosen spot in the hallway, living room or bedroom
  • A classy gift: it's not just cat lovers who will enjoy this animal sculpture

Materijal: Polyresin, Each peace unique, Partly Manual Work

Mjere (V/Š/D): 150 x 68 x 55 cm

Težina: 26 kg

Šifra proizvoda: 53611

KARE brend simbolizira ideje za opremanjem prostora koje su jedinstvene, nekonvencionalne i autentične. Još od 1981. tvrtka iznenađuje obožavatelje diljem svijeta s neusporedivim i neiscrpnim izborom novog namještaja, rasvjete i asesoara.