Side Table Volcano Gold Ø60cm

620,37 € / 4.674,18 HRK

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It s not for nothing that interior designers occupy themselves with the theory of harmony and well-being. There is no question that rounded, organic shapes contribute to a cosy feeling of well-being. Nature has given us this. The design of this unusual glass table with its frame made of nickel-plated aluminium and a top of toughened safety glass is also in line with these insights. Premium materials and the quality of a designer piece of furniture make this living room table a glamorous centrepiece in your home. This shape will survive every trend and the materials have been recycled, making this table a sustainable furniture choice.

  • Side table in gold made of glass and metal, 60 x 60 x 60 cm (H/W/D)
  • The sculptural, organically shaped central base of the table turns it into an artistic furnishing object
  • The combination of a gold-coloured base and smoky brown tinted glass stands for elegance
  • A unique piece that is partly handcrafted (table base). Slight deviations from the illustration are possible
  • Can be used in any room, whether next to the sofa and armchair, in the hallway and study as a surface to put stuff on, or next to the bed

Materijal: Foot/Base: Aluminum nickel-plated, 8 mm Glass Toughened safety glass Colored, Foot/Base: Partly Manual Work, 50 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Partly dismantled

Mjere (V/Š/D): 60 x 60 x 60 cm

Težina: 10.2 kg

Šifra proizvoda: 86384

KARE brend simbolizira ideje za opremanjem prostora koje su jedinstvene, nekonvencionalne i autentične. Još od 1981. tvrtka iznenađuje obožavatelje diljem svijeta s neusporedivim i neiscrpnim izborom novog namještaja, rasvjete i asesoara.