Sofa Cubetto 3-Seater Velvet Brown 220cm

3.377,57 € / 25.448,30 HRK

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Whoever sits on this sofa books a one-way ticket. You ll never want to leave it again! What at first glance looks like a very classical, modern sofa is a revelation in terms of seating comfort. The low, all-round armrest means that the arms will always be supported in a relaxed manner. Speaking of lying down: of course, this also works very well.

  • A modern classic: the sofa is an extra comfortable roommate in cube-shaped form
  • One could almost call it a vegan leather sofa: the iridescent velvet styling in brown looks very natural
  • Generous dimensions are sometimes also a good choice for small rooms: they calm down the ambience
  • For anyone who wants to seriously relax, this casual roommate in the industrial style can help
  • A quick re-styling? Three to five cushions with e.g. Ikat patterns find their perfect stage on the sofa

Materijal: Corpus: Pine Solid wood Natural/untreated, Plywood Natural/untreated, Eucalyptus Solid wood Natural/untreated, Upholstery: 35 kg/m³ Polyester,, Cover: Polyester (velvet look), Foot/Base: Polyurethane, 480 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Assembled, 44 cm Seat height, Elastic webbing suspension

Mjere (V/Š/D): 67 x 220 x 110 cm

Težina: 74 kg

Šifra proizvoda: 83954

KARE brend simbolizira ideje za opremanjem prostora koje su jedinstvene, nekonvencionalne i autentične. Još od 1981. tvrtka iznenađuje obožavatelje diljem svijeta s neusporedivim i neiscrpnim izborom novog namještaja, rasvjete i asesoara.