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Picture Triptychon Map 120x118cm

449,00 €

Picture: one world - three views! We aren t talking about religion but about the three Triptychon Map pictures, which can ideally be combined as a set. Each of the maps shows a different section of the globe and they can be mounted on the wall in the corresponding sequence. At the centre the continents of South and North America are displayed, with Asia and Australia and Europe and Africa at the sides. In this way these pictures cover all parts of the populated world and turn its familiar round shape into a flat surface. The maps are on a robust background and thanks to their authentic used-look effects and colours which are in part faded, they bear witness to the historic significance of our development. Important key data are also noted, enabling curious observers to go on a journey of discovery in their own homes in a real spirit of adventure.

Material: MDF printed, lacquered

Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 118 x 4 centimeters

Weight: 17.5 kg

Product number: 36875