Торшер "Фасиль Тай" (Facile Taille), высота 180 см

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Sex appeal in a soft light - Gentle light radiates around the feminine contours of the Facile Taille standard lamp. In its restrained white it takes its place almost modestly, as if it were self-conscious about its luminous beauty. With its coquettish styling this tall lamp is a perfect enhancement for creative furnishing concepts. This curvy object possesses an almost erotic aura, radiating a gentle light behind a veil of mystery and creating a feel-good atmosphere in any ambience. energy class: A-E

Информация о товаре: MDF, polyethylene, steel, 4x E27, max. 40W, 230V, 50/60Hz (excl.)

Размеры (H/W/D): 180 x 35 x 35 centimeters

Вес: 7 кг

Артикул: 30274