Modern dining tables not only have the function of serving as a place to eat, but are also an important part of the living room and a place where family and friends come together. Dining tables should therefore not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Using high-quality materials like this granite and steel table, ensures durability. This dining table is the perfect piece for any dining area. With a length of 200 cm and a depth of 90 cm, it offers enough space for 6 diners. The granite tabletop with a thickness of 20 mm has a maximum load capacity of 150kg and is sturdy and durable. The rectangular design of the table with its rounded edges gives it a modern look. The powder-coated steel frame is not only sturdy but also eye-catching in its design.

Информация о товаре: Frame: Steel powder-coated, Tabletop: Natural stone Granite, 20 mm Thickness of panel, 150 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Knocked-down, Maintenance and Cleaning: Art. No. 25002 Furniture Cleaner

Размеры (В/Ш/Г): 76 x 200 x 90 сантиметры

Вес: 117 кг

Артикул: 87356

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