Bigsofa Boheme Curry 230cm

If you have the space, a big sofa is the perfect choice as the centrepiece in your living room. If you opt for Boheme your dream home will be perfect. The extra-deep seat of the relaxation sofa offers two advantages at the same time: you have plenty of space to chill out and lots of opportunity to admire the extraordinary fabric. The pleasantly soft feel of the coarsely woven material in two colour shades will surprise everyone and will be sure to become a topic of conversation.

Информация о товаре: Corpus: Chipboard Natural/untreated, Beech Solid wood Natural/untreated, Plywood Natural/untreated, Hardboard Natural/untreated, Medium density fibreboard (MDF) Natural/untreated, Cover: 100 % Polyester, Foot/Base: Polypropylene, Seat upholstery: Down, Upholstery: 23 kg/m³ Foam, 330 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Hand-crafted, Each peace unique, 40 cm Seat height, Abrasion test: 100000 Martindale, Pocket spring, Partly dismantled, Nosag suspension

Размеры (В/Ш/Г): 80 x 230 x 145 сантиметры

Вес: 132 кг

Артикул: 86518

Компания KARE - это символ уникальных и аутентичных идей в области создания мебели. С 1981 года наша компания удивляет своих поклонников по всему миру несравненным и неисчерпаемым разнообразием новой мебели, осветительных приборов и аксессуаров.