Carpet Seaburry Charcoal 200x300cm

With this large grey carpet you are guaranteed to turn any room into a feel-good space. Thanks to the silky shimmering shade of grey you can easily combine the rug with any type of armchair or sofa. With its dimensions of 200x300cm the cosy living room rug is a perfect match for a large living room landscape or even a corner sofa. This dream rug decorates floors in the living room, bedroom or even in the dining room and ensures warm feet everywhere. The carpet is made of natural fibres and is hand-woven, so that it makes a convincing impression with its first-class quality. Cosy and warm, just what you need for your personal feel-good oasis!

Информация о товаре: Reverse side: 100 % Cotton, Top side: 100 % Viscose, Hand-crafted, Woven

Размеры (В/Ш/Г): 1.5 x 200 x 300 сантиметры

Вес: 19.7 кг

Артикул: 53249

Компания KARE - это символ уникальных и аутентичных идей в области создания мебели. С 1981 года наша компания удивляет своих поклонников по всему миру несравненным и неисчерпаемым разнообразием новой мебели, осветительных приборов и аксессуаров.