Framed Picture Abstract Black 80x120cm

An art gallery at home? With this portrait-format canvas picture, creating gallery flair is child s play for you. The framed picture on the wall combines a black background with a golden, abstract image. The modern picture is not just a visual event, but also a tactile one. The manual craftsmanship is clearly demonstrated by the embossed surface structure. This acrylic painting is a unique piece and will radiate exactly that on your wall. As a wall accessory it will gleam with elegance above a sofa in the living room, an armchair in the hallway or above your desk in the home office.

Информация о товаре: Canvas: 100 % Polyester, Frame: Polystyrene, Fir Solid wood Natural/untreated, Acrylic Paint, For wall fixing Horizontal und vertical, Each peace unique, Hand-painted

Размеры (В/Ш/Г): 120 x 80 x 4 сантиметры

Вес: 5 кг

Артикул: 53699

Компания KARE - это символ уникальных и аутентичных идей в области создания мебели. С 1981 года наша компания удивляет своих поклонников по всему миру несравненным и неисчерпаемым разнообразием новой мебели, осветительных приборов и аксессуаров.