KARE Worldwide presents ROMA

08. November 2016

With 100 shops worldwide, KARE celebrates bold, surprising and highly individual interior design. Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen were students when they founded their first store in Munich in 1981. They realized that the world of interior needed more rock and roll! Today KARE is in more than 40 countries and stands for unique interior design ideas in an infinite variety of styles. Beyond boredom and always full of inspiration.
Welcome to Rome!

We start our journey through “Bella Roma” at a local scooter rental. Rome is huge and nobody wants to sit in a sweltering car! We prefer letting the cool wind blow through our hair. No wonder the Vespa scooter is a landmark of the Italian lifestyle!
Important: Ask for a stable lock when you rent a scooter AND use it!

We are starting out to Testaccio! The district takes its name from the artificial hill, which was created from a heap of non-reusable oil amphorae from the Roman provinces in the ancient times: The Monte Testaccio.



We have a first stop in front of the house of the brothers Volpetti in Via Marmorata: Their shop is a must-see in Rome: Here the finest Italian delicacies from the best cheese and white truffles to savory ham and olive oil from Umbria. The prices are quite expensive – but when entering the door the scent simply hypnotizes us and we treat ourselves to a piece of truffle cheese. A friendly man in a fine shirt with his sleeves rolled up advises us to go around the corner to Via Alessandro Volta, where the very brothers own a legendary pizzeria named Volpetti Più. In addition to the daily specials, you can get yourself some wonderful wines and handmade desserts here. http://www.volpetti.com/

We choose to visit the Banco in Via Ostiense instead: Healthy fast food is prepared right in front of the guests here. The homemade food is being served on compostable dishes – very consciously. And the prices here are very low – above all for Rome! Our tip: The burgers are outstanding! Have a freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie with it! http://www.bancofastfood.com/



The tour continues: We meet Andrea, the manager of KARE Rome. He also wears an elegant shirt – not matter how much the sun beats down, the Romans always pay attention to a certain standard. If you don’t want to attract negative attention as a tourist, try to look alike. “Yes it’s right! People here simply have style. And they love shopping vintage!” Andrea explains as he proudly guides us through his shop: “I love breathing new life to the style with modern design pieces. My customers get their inspiration here. I want them recognize the effect of each piece of furniture immediately. Each piece finds its matching owner here.”

1. Shelf Balance | 2. Pictures: Picture Frame Streets Of Cuba and Picture Frame Cuba Rallye | 3. Cushion Pomp | 4. Wall Lamp Parecchi Art House | 5. Sofa Infinity Antique | 6. Coffee Table Railway | 7. Deco Bust Golden Twenties Lady | 8. Carpet Fantasia Pink







Andrea’s interior tips:

1. Color! Dare it! Colors create a good mood in the apartment and revive boring areas. For example start with a new carpet! You will notice how your sense of space changes when you bring colorful accents to places you previously didn’t recognize.

2. Combine wood, metal and leather together. The mix of different materials is an experience for all senses and creates a cozy atmosphere.

3. Elegant accessories immediately upgrade every room. If you bring a photo of your home, Andrea will personally choose the perfect piece for you!

Feeling the anticipation? Enjoy some delicious traditional Roman antipasti:
Supplì: Fried rice croquettes

Blend some risotto (from the day before) with egg and some meat sauce into a mass and shape it to small balls. Tuck a piece of cheese in the center of each ball. Then roll the balls in breadcrumbs and deep-fry them. By the way: You eat the Supplì are finger food! Buon appetito!

Andrea’s travel tips for Rome:

– Street Art Tour: Through the district of Tor Pignattara – east of the old city http://www.friendsinrome.com/
– Culture: Tevere Expo. Until 28th August, the annual cultural festival takes place along the Tiber! Artists exhibit, there are live concerts, art and design workshops. The current program can be found on http://www.lungoiltevereroma.it/
– Flea Market: In Porta Portese. It takes place every Sunday from early morning to 2 pm.
– Restaurant: Industrial Eat. You can also have breakfast here! Piazza Alessandria 11 http://www.industrialeat.it/
– Club: Spazio Novecento: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26/B http://www.spazionovecento.it/
– Ice: Gelateria e Crudo Mangiato, Via della Lega Lombarda 9


Visit the KARE shop in Rome!

Circonvallazione Orientale Km 42,600. | Via Medea Norsa | 00178 Roma | Tel. 06/72901353 |info@kare-roma.it