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Wanderlust | Morocco

07. August 2020

When wanderlust calls, it doesn’t have to be the Caribbean. A small makeover in your own four walls can make the holiday feeling last even longer.

With the long weekend here knowing we can’t go anywhere right now, we thought it might be a great idea to visit a few wonderful destinations right here on our KARE South Africa Blog.

In our first, 4-part series of visiting wonderful destination across the globe, we take a cultural venture to the very northern part of Africa – CASABLANCA, MOROCCO

We took a walk around the port, the largest in North Africa. There’s no better place to eat freshly caught fish, accompanied by a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, which tastes fruitier and sweeter here than anywhere else.

We set off to the first destination on our tour: Hassan II mosque is Casablanca’s top attraction. Impressive not just by its incredible size, but also by the many elaborate details which decorate this magnificent edifice, including the most intricate mosaics stretching as far as the eye can see. The prayer hall alone can accommodate 25,000 people!

The core of every Moroccan town is the ‘medina’. It is the old quarter surrounded by the historical city walls, in which you can experience the country’s traditional hustle and bustle. In particular you will find fascinating markets, where everything is available that the traditional or contemporary Moroccan heart desires: from delectable olives to mobile phone cases.

There are also irresistible aromas from vegetable stalls, where you can order a tagine, a traditional dish prepared in the cooking pot of the same name with the funnel-shaped lid. a Typical vegetarian tagine with couscous, or with braised lamb and vegetables is a must for any visitor.

To round off any meal there is the traditional ‘thé à la menthe’, a sweet tea brewed ceremonially from fresh mint. Don’t forget to stroke the restaurant cat, one of the many well-fed moggies you will notice wandering around.
Cats are not the only domestic pet around – in Moroccan households a tortoise is as common as a dog or a rabbit in our own homes.

People in Casablanca love to furnish their homes in a modern style – the traditional tiles, golden fittings and oriental arches tend to be found more in tourist hotels or traditional homes. However, glossy modern furniture really appeals to the people in this industrial city.

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