09. August 2021

It’s time for some girl talk!

This month we are empowering women and shining the spotlight on feminine creativity. Follow us over the next few weeks as we get comfy on the KARE sofa with a few inspiring and creative women.


It’s been EXTRA special dedicating an entire month to inspirational women! And if there is one thing we have learned, it is that creative women certainly do things differently. As part of our campaign this August, we are absolutely honoured to welcome to the KARE sofa the beautiful and inspirational, Natasja Jacobs. Driven by her passion for finding magic in the small things, Natasja gives us the secret to her source of inspiration and shares her love for old school glam interiors.

Tell us about Natasja Jacobs.. “I have been in the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years, having done everything from stage productions to local and international film and television shows. I am also a voice artist – if you listen closely, you’ll hear me on your radio very often, and the Eskom voice telling you to switch off your appliances – yes, that’s me. As an actress, going into radio was a natural progression – a platform I also enjoy thoroughly. I am currently in “Getroud Met Rugby“, as “Amanda” and loving every minute.”

What inspires you as a creative woman? My inspiration comes from listening to music – very often a way for me to communicate; being surrounded by colour and beautiful things; my son’s wild imagination – a reminder of how wonderful it is to see magic in the smallest of things and the sheer brilliance and magnificence of nature. They entice my senses and evoke feelings and emotions in the conscious mind, that I am not always aware of, or have forgotten. Inspiration is really all around us, we just have to open ourselves up enough to really see and experience it.

Which room in your home is your favourite and why? My favourite room is definitely my bedroom. My bedroom is predominantly  – contrary to what people might think – dusty pink and rose gold – colours that make me feel soft and luxurious. My antique dresser, with feather boa draped over it, gives me a sense of old school glamour – beautiful starlets like Mae West and like Greta Garbo – women I have always admired. In my room, I am the Queen, and who doesn’t want to feel like a Queen of her Castle.

Which is your favourite KARE item and why? A very difficult question indeed, for there are just SO many beautiful things in KARE, it’s hard to only choose one! But if I have to choose, I’d say the Marilyn Monroe picture frame. As I have said – I love old school glam and Marilyn was and still is, the epitome of glamour.





Give your space a touch of old school glam with our selection of feminist art. Visit our Picture Art Catalogue to discover more!




We are delighted to introduce one of our favourite artists, Yolandi Diesel. The creative force behind Calvary Skulls, Yolandi is a master at capturing the ancient art of bone carving. Her unique collection of hand-carved animal skulls introduces a sense of timeless and traditional sophistication through nature’s sculptures. Read our recent interview and find out exactly what creativity means to her.

What inspires you as a creative woman? Nature, and anything around me. I like to find inspiration in elements that are not supposed to go together.. or at least what society conditioned us to believe are not supposed to work. Hence my love for creating art out of bone and horn. I’m a sculptress, a bonesmith, bone became my primary canvas and medium of choice.

Does your work convey a specific emotion or message? Elegant, edgy, classis, chic, bold and even a little bit rebellious.

Which is your favourite KARE item and why? It has to be the BIG gold gorilla!! I think it will brighten up any area your choose to put him in. I actually have no idea why I do not own this piece already!



Visit our showroom to view this unique collection from Calvary Skulls.







Photography plays an important role in everyone’s life – beautiful photos connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. This week we get comfy on the KARE sofa with the talented LeSonne Forbes. Better known as “The Kaalvoet Photographer” – LeSonne is a creative force with a real eye for detail and perfect angles. We would like to send a big thank you to her for being so generous with her time. We were beyond excited to receive the recent series of our showroom photographs. You have such a gift, and we are so thankful you shared it with us.

What inspires you as a creative woman? It is the full measurement of perfection born out of my soul that overflows to my supreme senses. I take into possession the complete content of what art is, the comprehensive depth and that inspires me to be who I am everyday.

What is your favourite subject to photograph? I would have to say Boudoir – The chains on my morals snap uncontrollably every time someone enters my studio and they suddenly become my addiction.

Which is your favourite KARE item and why? There is this leather sofa, oh my goodness! It cries out my name!! Even in my sleep! Her name is Cubetto and i am her Geppetto.



Take a look at this gorgeous series of photographs of our showroom in Kramerville.

PHOTOS BY: LeSonne Forbes – @thekaalvoetphotographer








Here at KARE Johannesburg we want you to feel inspired when you walk through our doors. We go the extra mile to create a showroom that tells a story of unique and exciting furnishing ideas. This is all made possible with the help and expertise of our very own creative guru, Philela Mako. But, how does she do it? Let’s find out!

What inspires you as a creative woman? My inspiration comes from seeing other women succeed and empowering other women. I love seeing women do the impossible and achieving great things.

What do you do to get into your creative zone? I take a walk around the showroom 😊 This sparks some wonderful and creative ideas and as always I go overboard.

Which is your favourite KARE item and why? I love our glass picture Lady Knight – She represents the strength and courage that we as women have. I see myself every time I look at this picture.



We have an inspiring collection of feminist art ideal for pure and modern spaces.


PHOTOS BY: LeSonne Forbes – @thekaalvoetphotographer




What inspires you as a creative woman? Everything! If an interesting object, picture or person catches my eye, I wonder what the designer or creator of the objects or artwork was thinking; their inspiration and state of mind. I find people fascinating, the thought process behind the way they present themselves; the way they dress, the colours they combine.

When and where do you have your best creative ideas? In the shower! 😊 In the mornings when my brain is still fresh (and I’ve had coffee!), I imagine how we can recreate and reinvent the KARE showroom, what to wear, how I’d like the day to turn out.

Which is your favourite KARE item and why? I love most KARE items, I get excited about every shipment we receive, I love unpacking the boxes and assembling furniture. I have a little soft spot for the gorillas, though…



PHOTOS BY: LeSonne Forbes – @thekaalvoetphotographer




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