6. March 2022

In any dining room, the main focus will always be the dining table. It’s not only the showstopper, dining tables also dictate the theme and mood of your space. Whether you’re entertaining guests or having a quiet family dinner, the right table sets the scene for memorable evenings with your favourite people.



This large dining table combines functionality with modern aesthetics. Very practical pull-out function enables an enlarged surface, quickly and easily. A ceramic-coated glass top that looks inviting even without a tablecloth. Its steel base is not only very stable, but also promises maximum legroom.

As you consider a suitable dining room table, these three considerations are important: the materials used, the shape and decor style, and the size of the table.



This is enchanting geometry! Here, different squares are joined, forming two large stainless steel structures to support a glass tabletop. What a work of art! And just as impressive when used as a desk.


Choosing the right material. First choose several materials that appeal to your sense of style, then narrow it down to one that meets the lifestyle need of your dining room. If you prefer wood in a dining room table that also needs to serve your everyday needs, then a good choice will be a more rustic piece that becomes more beautiful with age.


Modern, extra-large dining table with slim, individual lines and distinctively designed legs. Its striking appearance is due to the hammered-look frame and vividly structured top made of recycled solid wood. Offers space for 8-12 people.


Styles and Shapes. Of the many ways that dining room tables can be categorised, style and shape are among the most important criteria.




Anyone looking for an alternative to a classic rectangular table will find a fantastic solution in the round Molekular table. Round dining tables are not only practical, they are also especially flexible when it comes to seating. Its airy, transparent look fits well in open-plan living-dining areas or in loft apartments. There the dining table not only fulfils all the desired functions, but also gives the room a particularly stylish touch.




The style and shape of your table sets the mood of the room and dining experience, as well as dictates how many people can comfortably dine around the table.


The furniture in this collection has the potential to become modern classics. The design: distinctive lines meet strikingly grained sheesham wood, while slim legs add elegance. This solid wood furniture has everything you need for a long and beautiful friendship. Handcrafted from solid wood, it stands for lasting value. Its forms, influenced by Scandinavian modernity, will outlive every trend. The Ravello collection was designed exclusively for KARE by the well-known Danish furniture designer Morten Georgsen. His philosophy: simple but significant.


Do you like simple, uncompromising solutions? If so, the Ravello series will make your heart beat faster. The designers at KARE are known for their bold innovations and an unconventional design approach, and the Ravello series is characterised by a minimalist aesthetic, with a large dose of trend-resistant elegance.

Discover the Ravello Series



There is a popular saying to that “Food tastes better in attractive surroundings”, and our Roots dining table provides an excellent basis for this. It makes an impact with its high-quality finish, clean-line design and the fascinating contrasts provided by varying forms and materials. A special feature is the central base in the form of a stylised root. The tabletop is made of solid wood, which is especially hard and robust. With this dining table you will be demonstrating your flair for out-of-the-ordinary, accomplished design. Roots will seat 6 to 8 persons and is especially suited to modern, natural furnishing styles.


Making a big impression with style even in a limited space – it’s easy with this dining room table and its appealing design. Add slim chairs and you have a chic dining area in the kitchen or living-dining area.

Tips for Choosing a Table Size

  • Each person should be given about 2 feet of space in which to eat comfortably.
  • If the ends of the table are expected to accommodate a diner, the minimum table width should be 3 feet; 4 feet if you expect to seat two diners on occasion.
  • Ideally, there should be 3 feet between the edges of the table and the walls. This allows sufficient room for chairs to be pulled out for seating.
  • Consider extendable tables that can be expanded with levers. Leave ample space around this table for everyday use, expanding the table when necessary for large gatherings or parties.



A timelessly beautiful and high-quality dining table can become a friend for life: durable, robust and ready for anything. Especially if, like the Tavola table series, it’s available in many individual variations. The size, type of wood and colour of the tabletop as well as the shape of the edge and the colour of the frame can be individually selected. This real-wood table top is a sustainable choice, as the oak is FSC certified. A tabletop measuring 200 x 100 centimetres can seat approx. six to eight people.



A timelessly beautiful and high-quality table can become a true friend for life: durable, robust and ready for anything. Especially if, like the Tavola table series, it’s available in many individual variations. The size, type of wood and colour of the table top as well as the shape of the edge and the colour of the frame can be selected. This sustainable real-wood collection is made of FSC-certified solid oak or acacia.

Tavola gives you the opportunity to customise your individual table in 4 simple steps.









The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.


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