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In our press room, journalists will find current information on our company and its products as well as downloadable press releases. For editorial purposes, we offer high resolution pictures of KARE products and KARE living compositions. For further information please contact our press department at the KARE headquarters.

About us

KARE-HeadquarterThe Company – About us

Kare Design GmbH – a leader in its segment of the market – is a privately owned company
with international operations in the field of furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories. With
its ‘Joy of living’ slogan the company markets unconventional furnishing under its own KARE
brand. Today the company counts more than 200 shops in 50 countries.
The Mission: KARE helps personalities worldwide highlight their individuality and build a happy place by creating and offering a variety of unique, inspiring and joyful products, arrangements and services.

KARE-Planet-Facts-and-FiguresKARE franchise system: A winner in global furnishing trade

Munich/Germany 2020; One of the few winning businesses is the furniture sector during these times. Due to the changes in consumer behaviour the interior retail expects a permanently higher consumption. The international furniture brand KARE has come through the changed markets in a robust manner. The company succeeded in maintaining contact with customers and realizing initiated sales even during the forced closure period. Even more the company was able to open new shops, for example in Martinique.


The founders and owner of KARE Design: Interview about their navigation through new markets

Garching-Hochbrück, June 2020; In order to ensure a safe flight through today’s
changed market conditions Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen, the two pilots in the
cockpit of Kare’s HQ, are focusing on what they refer to as “true values”. Early
investment in digitalisation, a prudent financial policy and the expansion of personal
communication with customers have made the relaunch of their company easier than
is the case with many others. Cautious optimism is now emerging on the furniture
market. After all, people are looking to solve the housing problems that have become apparent during the recent lockdown, from the home office workplace to a large couch for the whole family. When it comes to planning their route Kare’s founders are addressing the question of how customers are now reorienting themselves, what impulses are driving them to make purchases – and above all, where they place their trust. Reiter and Schönhofen provide answers to these questions in a new video which is far removed from the usual slick promotional films.


KARE Kraftwerk – The Award Winning Flagshipstore

Munich/Germany; Towering transformers, rough concrete
walls and the charm of 50-year-old industrial architecture provide the
spectacular setting for Kare’s spectacular 10,000 m² display of furniture, lighting
and furnishing accessories. In contrast to conventional furniture stores Kare
Kraftwerk, with its 80 meter high chimneys which can be seen from far and wide,
presents furnishing ideas as an experience world. Combined with the product
display customers are offered gastronomic delights, screens showing videos and
special events. With this innovative and daring concept the trendsetting Kare
brand appeals to shoppers looking for that special experience.



Press releases

Celebrating 40 years wild about design and handmade with love furniture

Munich/Germany, september 2021, press newsletter; In keeping with the motto “different strokes for different folks”, KARE really does allow anything that pleases when it comes to living. That has always been our philosophy and should remain so. The main thing is that every home becomes a place of happiness, whether eccentric, cheeky or simply cosy and unique. We don’t think in terms of dimensions and functions only, but in terms of lifestyles and dreams. And we have been doing so since 1981. Learn more about our brand and enjoy our product special topic on handmade with love furniture.





Opening of new KARE Franchise Shop in La Paz, Bolivia

Munich/Germany 09 August 2021; Kare is scaling new heights in the expansion of its franchise network. A new branch has now opened in La Paz, Bolivia. The city is not only the highest seat of government in the world, but also the geographical peak of Munich’s residential spirit at 3,600 metres above sea level.





Trend news: The refreshed Palazzo style

Munich/Germany, July 2021; a little royal pomp is allowed now that we are celebrating life again!  Glitz and glamour are brought by classic upholstered furniture, spectacular chandeliers and antiques.  But the new palazzo style is by no means stiff and dusty. We mix it with bold accessories, monochrome colours and exoticism.









Fair: KARE Design Redboxx Days July 2021: Digital and real trade fair experience

Munich/Germany, May 2021; Beam my turnover up, KARE! When the 2,800 square metre showroom lands digitally on the desk of decision-makers in the furniture trade, a moderated and visually stunning show of the home – and the sales opportunities – opens up on the screen. Whether live on site in the showroom at the headquarters in Garching or digitally, from 02 July 2021, KARE will be setting the stage for a successful year-end business. KARE presents the impulsive autumn and winter novelties and style worlds live and in impressive, photo-realistic HD quality in a digital 3D tour. Independent of place, time and travel preferences, the strategy and the smart product mix for increased sales and quick availability can be defined. The support of the digital trade fair experience is as individual as the home trends at KARE. During the virtual tour, the sales managers and their customers target specific POS presentations that do justice to the possibilities of the sales areas on site.




Expansion: New franchise shop open: Ola KARE Figueres

Garching-Hochbrück, April 2021; Art meets design and lifestyle: the idyllic town in
Catalonia is famous and much visited as the birthplace of Salvator Dali. Close to the
French border and not far from the Costa Brava, Figueras attracts not only tourists.
Spaniards from nearby Barcelona and many French from the border region have a
summer residence here and enjoy the pretty old town and the Mediterranean lifestyle.
The audience and lifestyle are therefore the best prerequisites for the placement of
another KARE store in Spain. With the new franchise partners, professionals from the
furniture trade, KARE CEO Peter Schönhofen has brought an excellent partner on


Trend: delicious pastel colours in lavender, vanilla and mint

Munich/Germany Spring 2021; We are whetting your appetite for delicious sorbet colours. The trio of mint, vanilla and lavender is particularly delicate. Pastels score as softeners and lend interiors in cream a special aroma. Among them also mauve, the grown-up sister of pink. Rooms in soft tones need contrasts. We recommend as accompaniment: grained marble and ceramic surfaces, graphic patterns and terrazzo. Enjoy this feast
for the eyes!






Expansion: New shop opening in Central America: Soft glam for Guatemala City

Garching-Hochbrück, January 2021; As a businesswoman Kare’s new Guatemalan
franchise partner Frances Bouscayrol swears by franchise models and lifestyle concepts. In
her shops in Guatemala and in neighbouring El Salvador she already stocks successful
brands such as Swarowski, Celio and Villeroy and Boch. Now she is stylishly rounding off her
range of fashion, homeware and jewellery with interior trends by Kare. CEO Peter
Schönhofen knows why his collections are so attractive in this megacity to a clientele with
high purchasing power: “Due to our proximity to the USA the demand for lifestyle and
individual furnishing ideas is growing. Kare stands for colourful joie de vivre and
representative glamour, just right for the aspiring middle class”.

Trends 2021 – Colour Splash

Munich/Germany 2021; Our collection news arrived! Discover our new Comfy Sofa Ferrara in terracotta or the purists among the upholstered furniture from the Mystery series. Also included are the Copenhagen Skandi furniture from our cooperation with designer Morten Georgsen and ceramic decorative objects that give every home a new look. Cool, modern glamour is promised by the Cesaro series with light ash wood from the hand of furniture designer Andreas Weber.




Expansion: Benvenuti! KARE opens Italian flagship store in Rome

Garching-Hochbrück, February 2020; As imposing as the Eternal City itself, as stylish and full
of life as Bella Italia – this is the newly opened KARE Shop in Rome.
“As our Italian flagship, this store is making a mark for our brand in the country of elegant
furniture design. We have always had close ties with Italy – after all we opened our first
purchasing office outside Germany here in the early Eighties,” said KARE boss Peter
Schönhofen at the opening event. This is the second time Schönhofen has travelled to the
banks of the Tiber to cut the red ribbon for an opening. The Rome 1 branch near the Vatican
has already been operating successfully since 2012.



Trends: Cosy Living with Green Smoothies

Munich/Germany, February 2021; Can you hardly wait for everything to turn green again? In your own four walls it’s already getting started with the new trend color green for armchairs and co. Green replaces almost every therapist with its harmonious and relaxing effect. Whether in the variant olive, apple or grass, green likes to adapt, as a classic for the Nature Look and surprising upgrade in Midcentury or Soft Glam interiors.







Expansion: First Belgrade, now Novi Sad: Second Kare Shop opens in Serbia

Munich/Germany December 20219; According to travel blogs with insider tips there’s always something going on in Novi Sad on the Danube – and this statement fits perfectly with the opening event of the new Kare Shop. Featuring an exciting fire performance, colourfully exotic light show and finger food in Kare bright red, together with a DJ, an influencer get-together and a show troupe on stilts, the franchise partner celebrated a laid-back and unconventional party in keeping with the occasion. With the new franchise outlet in the cultural and economic centre of the province of Vojvodina, Serbia’s second Kare Shop is now open for business.



Expansion: Second KARE shop opens in Canada: Making Vancouver even more colourful

Munich/Germany, September 2019; “Vancouver is a cooler place with Kare”, was the response on Instagram even during the opening of the new shop in Western Canada – a big compliment to the Kare style. Kare launched its network in Canada a good two years ago with its first location in Toronto. “The relaxed lifestyle and consumer potential in Vancouver are a perfect match for our brand,” comments Peter Schönhofen, Kare CEO and Franchise Director (centre), who attended the event in person. Creativity, an immense cultural diversity, the film industry and a lively art scene characterise the 2.5 million metropolis between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific. What’s more Vancouver, the “Pearl of Canada’s West Coast”, is one of the world’s top 5 cities with the highest quality of life.The two owners of Kare Vancouver, themselves from family furniture businesses, are newly acquired franchise partners with deep roots in the furniture industry. They already have multi-brand stores in Canada and North America, and are now expanding their network with Kare Shops. Says Peter Schönhofen: “We’re all in agreement that Vancouver will not remain our only joint project.”



Expansion: New shop in France: Bonjour KARE Toulouse

Munich/Germany, August 2019; Sounds absolutely fabulous: “Joie de vivre” is the French version of the KARE claim “Joy of living”. Accordingly the new 600 square-metre shop in Toulouse, the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is now making interior dreams come true. “Our eighth branch in France proves that the wide diversity of our collections is a perfect match for the French. Joie de vivre plays an important role for our neighbours, both in their lifestyle and in their homes. Kare delivers creative design which is showcased in mix and match styling that brings to life optimistic and enjoyable decorating ideas,” says Peter Schönhofen, explaining the success of his brand in the country where people enjoy life.Often also known as the “Pink city”, Toulouse on the Garonne ranks fourth among France’s largest cities with around half a million inhabitants. The location chosen for the new KARE Shop is a generously sized shopping development on the outskirts of the city, where design boutiques and furniture stores are grouped. The jet-black building, large shop window fronts and the eye-catching design of the entrance area have a visual appeal for the shopping area’s customers. The franchise partners are aiming at specific target groups in their presentation, which focuses on the KARE “Elegance” furnishing world featuring glamorous furniture, high-quality materials such as marble and extraordinary XL decorative objects. Bonne chance, KARE Toulouse!


Expansion: KARE Marbella opens its doors: Furnishing glamour on the “Golden Mile”

Munich/Germany, July 2019; Palms, yachts, sunshine… when it comes to luxury properties, estate agents call the “Golden Mile” in the Spanish coastal town of Marbella a prime site. The new KARE store on the ground floor of the magnificent Oasis Business Center with its mirror fronts and columned portal has now opened its doors right at the heart of this prestigious location.





Fair Maison & Objet  – KARE stages wild things for the living room

Munich/Germany; Welcome to the Urban Jungle – this is the slogan under which the KARE furnishing designers demonstrate how to combine inspiration from nature with elegant glamour in order to create distinctive furnishing worlds. Here are some of our new autumn and winter treasures. Velvet, gem colors and ultra-thin panels cut from real stone for furniture fronts…


Company: PR-Bild Award: KARE on the shortlist

August 2017; With its ‘Green Loft’ photo motif KARE is among the finalists in the 2017 PR-Bild Award competition for impact-making photographic images. The Munich company is the only pure furniture producer to make it onto the shortlist. The prestigious jury selects 10 photos in each of six categories. With its ambience photo KARE is of course represented in the ‘Lifestyle’ category.







KARE_Saratow_ShopfrontFranchise – Expansion in Russia continues: KARE Saratov opens its doors

31. May 2016; Smart concept store offers new experiences: “Panem et circenses” is how Viktoria Golubeva, co-owner of the new store, interprets the KARE brand philosophy for the Saratov metropolitan region, which is picturesquely located on the banks of the Volga. In their concept store Kare’s new Russian partners present a 1000 m² display of glamorous furniture, lighting and accessories – all combined with an unconventional gastronomic offering.

News_Starter_pressNews: Beach-Style, nature and romance and creative shelf idea

15. March 2016; We present current product favorites in our overview in March. The “Romantic Nature” series displays romantic dream furnishing with decorative references to flora and fauna: for example a filigree forest as a coat stand and wall-mounted cupboards with botanical inspiration. “Beachclub” stands for unforgettable holiday sensations and innovative products, including a surfboard which serves as a hat rack. In “Shelves” we collected what our creative spirits have had on the subject of shelving. Send an email to if you like to be supported with high resolution pictures.






Authentico_pressKARE Authentico collection: wooden friends for a lifetime

March 2016; Sustainable, natural, modern – as if it was created to provide everlasting furnishing delight: this is the Authentico collection from KARE. As one of our basic series, it is regularly enhanced by our furniture designers with new variants such as wall shelving in the shape of a speech bubble from the comics, or a shelf unit formed from crazily stacked cubes. This solid wood furniture with its stylish finish features contemporary design, robustness and a homely atmosphere – favourite pieces which we are always glad to have around us. Read our press release under MORE and discover the Authentico online broschure here. For pictures please write an email to

COCKTAIL_WPKARE at furniture fair Ambiente 2016 – We all need a little plush and gaudiness in our lives

09. February 2016; During times of turbulence there is a tendency for clarity and simplicity to enter the home. Proof of this is the victorious progress of the Scandinavian furnishing style, the popularity of wood and natural materials, and the relaxed mixture of old and new. A little spice is added by freestyle furnishing ideas which make imaginative use of accessories and creative stand-alone items. At Ambiente in Frankfurt the international trend brand KARE is presenting no fewer than 20 spectacular furnishing themes and around 1000 new products. In line with the brand philosophy of “joy of living” the KARE designers develop creative ideas which are guaranteed to add the right decorative spice to anyone’s living room.

Kare-French-Bistro-Tisch-von-oben-01Imm Cologne furnishing trends 2016: Joy of living / the dining table – our key furniture 2016 / the oasis feeling at home / add joy to your home: humorous pieces

January 2016; In a skilful mix of styles whimsical fluffy chairs combine with wild-oak Scandinavian furniture; in a nomad tent, shelves with the curved lines of sand dunes are grouped into a furnishing oasis, and interior design celebrates the dining table as the furnishing star of the year – the Kare furniture brand brings the trends of imm 2016 into focus. Furnishing trend 1: the dining table takes a starring role as a communicative meeting place. Furnishing trend 2: that oasis feeling – the impulses behind the desert look. Furnishing trend 3: Joy of living – the tousled “Yeti” armchair meet the “Spaghetti” sideboard.

KARE_Milan_shop insights_3Kare Milan – grand opening of KARE’s 100th franchise shop

January 2016: The one hundredth franchise shop of the Munich furniture makers Kare recently opened its doors in Milan, the undisputed centre of international furniture design. This landmark opening demonstrates the continued success of the course taken by the design furniture brand with its franchise concept for furniture retailers. For the current year the company’s franchise division is already working on a number of further new store projects both in Europe and on a worldwide scale.

KARE-Panama-Shop-OpeningThe KARE furniture brand has expanded further in 2015

12. December 2015; The furniture company is enlarging its global network of brand shops by adding new countries and brand partners. Every two weeks new doors are being opened to the furnishing experience worlds of the Kare furniture creators.


KARE-Maison-and-Objet-ParisKARE on Maison & Objet Paris

September 2015; Whether it’s dressers with metal fittings featuring moon motifs, bright and cheerful wooden furniture with graphic prints going under the highly appropriate name of ‘Soleil’, or brash pop art designs in Bauhaus colours – at Maison & Objet KARE’s creative spirits will be presenting their new products in a stylish orgy of materials, colours and shapes.

KARE-Furniture-Trends-2015Furnishing trends 2015

February 2015; A shelf in the form of a horse, a cocktail chair in baby pink featuring a flamingo print and a lighting object for the wall in the form of a plump piglet – the creative spirits at Munich’s furniture producers demonstrate how much fun the process of furnishing can be. Humour and a touch of curiosity are essential ingredients.

KARE-Kraftwerk-Flagship-StoreKARE Kraftwerk flagship store stores of the year 2015

January 2015; Kare Kraftwerk, the flagship store of international furniture company Kare Design GmbH, recently took first place in the ‘Living’ category of a competition organised by HDE, Germany’s retailing association. Every year HDE searches out the country’s most exciting and interesting retail stores, and this year the organisation found what it was looking for.


KARE-Furniturebeton-2015By no means rough: furniture with the concrete look

October 2015; In furniture design concrete is a fascinating new material, and designers are excited by the diverse range of possibilities it offers. With surfaces which can be polished or deliberately left slightly rough, furniture made from concrete by no means makes a cool impression but instead looks inviting, especially in combination with warm shades of metal such as gold, copper and brass.

KARE-Furniture-jazz-2015Funishing with gold: the discrete charm of understatement

August 2015; The new splendor at home comes along with a modern, unexpected twist: references to the art déco style and retro shapes as well as velvet surfaces. This modern luxury is anything but snobbish – gold and brass details of shelfs or illumination shimmer discretely and highly glossy, red cabinets take over the role of a key piece in the living room. Discover the JAZZ collection and about 60 related products in our product overview.

KARE-trends-2015-MailandTrends 2015 Mailand

April 2015; The shapes are borrowed from the seventies, lines and forms are clear and with round edges. In a wild and crazy surrounding the key pieces offer an architecturally calmness.