Side Table Authentico Z 30x20cm - KARE Design

Side Table Authentico Z 30x20cm

A beautifully designed side table with a natural touch -which letter would be your preference? We would always recommend Z, because it’s a great addition to any suite of furniture, and also looks good next to the bed. A stylish side table in the Authentico series, which is human and emotional - it shows where you have arrived and wish to stay. The touch of modernity is complemented by the aura of solid wood and a clear formal idiom. The Authentico series contains a wide range of articles for the living room, bedroom, dining room and office.

Material: sheesham wood touched up with stain and water lacquer

Measures (H/W/D): 55 x 30 x 20 centimeters

Weight: 9.12 kg

Product number: 75982