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02. October 2015

You are a B2B-Customer and would like to place an order now? As a valued KARE partner we provide our KARE assortement with detailled product information and purchase prices on our website. Please login here. You want to become a KARE partner? Please send us your request to esales@kare.de


Carpets – Inspiration and tips

02. October 2015

Effects on the sorroundings Wether the carpet is flashy or calm it creates a cozy atmosphere. It is possible to completely change a rooms ambiance with the help of a new carpet. Style Does the carpet fit to the surrounding furnishing? At best a carpet should supplement the surrounding room in order to create an... View Article

Finca Collection by KARE Design

The Finca Collection

26. August 2015

When it comes to timeless ethno-style and lovely details, Finca is our absolute favourite collection. Every piece is unique, thanks to Indian craftsmanship, with techniques that have been inherited since many generations. This kind of wood-carving is also used for embellishing houses and even temples. We love to have such a unique piece of furniture... View Article


Graham – the modern gentle guy (get the look!)

26. August 2015

We found him – the gentle guy of today, the man of taste, who reads the newspaper, dresses well and owns a loyal dog. Does he drink Whiskey, is he able to cook an elaborate dinner? We imagine him playing tennis, drinking old Fashioned and collecting statues, he possibly is a motorcycle enthusiast? This is... View Article

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