Table Cesaro 200x100cm

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Wooden dining table with steel frame and at least two convincing arguments. Firstly, the quality of the materials: stainless steel and solid oak veneer. Secondly, with the large dining table, a real piece of designer furniture will be moving into your home. Last but not least, this living room table enhances the living and dining area as an ornament - elegant, classic and modern. About the designer: Andreas Weber has already received a number of awards for his work. His design vocabulary is emphatically straightforward and striking. His furniture consists of stand-alone pieces that are as beautiful and special as individual gems.

  • Visually top class: a large dining table with a light oak veneer
  • Sensationally stable frame in stainless steel, finished with a brass coating
  • Exclusive designer furniture, created by Andreas Weber for KARE
  • Sufficient space for around six to eight people
  • A rectangular, 100-centimetre-wide top in grey-beige for lavishly set tables

Materijal: Tabletop: Medium density fibreboard (MDF) Veneered, Oak Plywood Lacquered, Foot: Stainless steel brass-plated, 100 kg Max. load-carrying capacity, Partly dismantled

Mjere (V/Š/D): 76 x 200 x 100 cm

Težina: 46.3 kg

Šifra proizvoda: 85860


KARE brend simbolizira ideje za opremanjem prostora koje su jedinstvene, nekonvencionalne i autentične. Još od 1981. tvrtka iznenađuje obožavatelje diljem svijeta s neusporedivim i neiscrpnim izborom novog namještaja, rasvjete i asesoara.