Scaffale Mesh - KARE Design

Scaffale Mesh

369,00 €

  • Elegant, filigree, functional: the Mesh shelving unit as an unobtrusive black beauty must-have for minimalist Influencers.
  • A material mix distributed over three levels: coloured glass, mesh shelf and cool steel.
  • More than just shelving: can also be used perfectly as a console table in the hallway.
  • Have you discovered the fascination of the steel-glass mix.
  • More must-have pieces from the series are available!.

Informazioni sui prodotti: telaio:, vetro vetro di sicurezza temperato, Pflege und Reinigung Art. 25002 Pulitore per mobili

Misure (H/L/P): 78 x 120 x 31.5 centimetri

Peso: 14.5 Kg

Codice prodotto: 83674