Deco Figurine Gorilla Gold XL 180


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KARE Vancouver

Think big! This slogan applies not only to many situations in life, but also to decoration. This great ape needs a large habitat - such as a spacious entrance, a grand staircase or a hotel or restaurant lobby to leave a lasting impression on guests and customers. Has proved to be a popular Instagram motif!

  • Life-size gorilla figure in a golden outfit - a sought-after selfie and Instagram motif in every entrance hall ,Acts as security and porter for the hipster hotel, or creative director in a communications agency
  • A butler for all those who can afford a villa or a large house
  • An XXXL decorative object in the jungle look, preferably residing in an ambience made up of countless decorative exotic plants
  • Large selection of variants available in the shop

Material: Fiberglas, Max. load-carrying capacity, Delivery Assembled,

Measures (H/W/D): 70.9" x 51.2" x 39.4"

Weight: 253.53 pound

Product number: 52577

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.