5. January 2016

The straight design series Heaven is a clear statement. It combines uncluttered shapes and lines with shiny bright lacquer surfaces. These pieces exude style and understatement. Cool elegance and purism.The warm gray of the surfaces blends in with the environment, while subtle details reveal these furnitureas design pieces. There is for example the cabinet, which provides for optical offset voltage with its four doors – without being obtrusive. Both, the drawers, as well as the doors of Heaven are generously setwith dampers, so that the drawers and doors open and close almost silently. Hence it remains heavenly quiet in the apartment.

Heaven Is Zero Gravity

The high black base in steel allows the pieces to visually float above the ground as if they were weightless. Heaven seems light and carefree. The ground where the furniture stand mostly remainsvisible – even showcased. The base is at different heights in the various pieces from the series, whichemanates extra lightness.

KARE + Studio Divani: A Premium Combination

Heaven furniture are real team players: The warm gray surfaces are so glossy that the environment, thefloor, a carpet or soft furnishings, are reflected in the fronts. This effect vivifies the furniture differentlydepending on their location and light. Like a chameleon, it blends into the room and boasts a timeless modernity. Make the most of Heaven by styling the room with photo art and lush leather couches tocreate a modern urban living environment. For example, the noble leather sofas from KARE + StudioDivani. This premium upholstered furniture is individually available in many different sizes, types, fabrics and leathers. So design and quality meet individual production.

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