Carpets – Inspiration and tips

2. October 2015


Effects on the sorroundings

Wether the carpet is flashy or calm it creates a cozy atmosphere. It is possible to completely change a rooms ambiance with the help of a new carpet.


Does the carpet fit to the surrounding furnishing? At best a carpet should supplement the surrounding room in order to create an harmonious overall picture. There are carpets in every kind of style: classic, elegant, vintage, modern…



A colourful carpet creates a rich contrast. To achieve a homogenous impression its best to adapt the colours of the carpet to the rest of the furniture. Therefore we recommend you not to add more than three different colours to a room.

  • It is recommended to choose the colour of the carpet a little bit lighter or darker than the accompanying sofa
  • A good combination to a simple couch is a colourful carpet with patterns. In order to achieve an even higher contrast you can add matching pillows
  • If the couch already has a pattern on it, it is a good idea to choose a minimalistic, uni-coloured carpet
  • Light coloured carpets make rooms appear visually bigger, darker colours let the room appear smaller
  • Uni-coloured carpets help to enlarge rooms, while small patterns decrease the room size
  • Darker carpets with patterns are easy to clean. That is why they are recommended for use in the entrance-area as well as in the dining room
  • Please also consider various shapes. Too many different shapes create an unsteady ambiance



When a carpet is placed in an inclined position it creates a very dynamic and tension-rich atmosphere. When placed horizontally you can accomplish a calmer and more steady look.


Please choose your carpet with the proportions of your furniture in mind. Consider the following points:

  • Size matters. It is better to choose the carpet smaller than bigger in order to avoid a too dominant look
  • If you have a small couch a good tip is to place a small carpet centered in front of it or alternatively a big one with a distance of 5 to 10 cm on the sides
  • For tables and chairs it is best to have a big carpet, on which the seatgroup can be placed on
  • A carpet with a motive achieves the best effect in the center of a room


  • Long-piled carpets help to make a room look warm, cozy and romantic. They are best suited for living- and sleeping rooms
  • Short-piled carpets emit a colder, more modern atmosphere. On top of that they are easier to clean. Because of that they fit perfectly in the dining room
  • Rugged carpets made out of burlap or sisal give the room a more relaxed look
  • Woven natural fiber (e.g. wool or cotton) adds a premium feeling
  • Short and severe fiber is very durable
  • There are carpets for outdoor use. They are usually made of wattled bands of polymer or vinyl


Keep it individually

Every carpet is a matter of taste. You should consider the following factors while buying a carpet: Besides functionality and fitting your needs and your lifestyle, the most important factor is that you are happy with your choice!

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