Fondée en 1981 , vous trouverez maintenant des magasins KARE partout dans le monde dans 46 pays . Nous sommes toujours en mesure de surprendre nos clients et partenaires commerciaux avec une variété incomparable de nouveaux meubles , lampes et accessoires pour la maison .

3 | The Fabulous Home of Ricci – footstools, sequins, pole dance: getting to the heart of his dream home

29. March 2018

And now things really get garish. After the Jesus image, pop icons and jungle fever we turn the corner and all of a sudden we encounter one thing above all: pink. From pale rosé to Barbie pink, the walls of the narrow corridor accompany us like a promising foretaste on our way into the heart […]

2 | The Fabulous Home of Ricci – Spot on: Riccardo’s Crazy Corners

20. March 2018

The fact that a colourful lifestyle doesn’t necessarily rule out cosy warmth and stylistic harmony was demonstrated by Riccardo last week with the living and dining area  he designed with the aid of our interior designer Flavia. But what about the supreme furnishing challenge: the icing on the cake which turns a nice interior into […]

1 | The Fabulous Home of Ricci – At Home with Riccardo Simonetti

13. March 2018

He’s an unconventional bird of paradise who is gaining an ever-growing crowd of fans and followers thanks to his flashy outfits and offbeat performances. With his blog “The Fabulous Life of Ricci“, in which he entertainingly and honestly documents his reveries and experiences, Riccardo Simonetti is now one of the most successful male bloggers in […]


27. February 2018

  You look forward for weeks to the delivery of your new sofa, but when it arrives you’re in for a shock: it clashes violently with the rest of your furniture! And it’s huge! Surely it didn’t look as big as that in the showroom! And you measured up everything so carefully. So what now? […]

THE TRENDIEST ANIMAL OF 2018: Who’s in the running?

27. February 2018

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with alpacas in South America. It was love at first sight, and I immediately wanted to stroke these cuddly creatures of the Andes to see if they’re really as soft and fluffy as they look. “Can’t be all that difficult”, I thought to myself, but I […]


20. April 2017

HOME COUTURE Le catalogue général HOME COUTURE vous ouvre les portes vers le monde du meuble et luminaire de KARE. Laissez-vous inspirer en feuilletant à travers nos 20 différentes tendances sur plus de 400 pages. HOME COUTURE version en ligne


20. April 2017

La collection Heaven est une déclaration au design épuré et sobre. Résolument moderne, elle combine des formes et des lignes épurées avec des surfaces laquées à la fois lumineuses et brillantes. Ces meubles aux détails subtils respirent style et se révèlent être de véritables pièces design. Prenez par exemple, l’armoire et ses quatre portes en […]


20. April 2017

Inspirés par le style mauresque, les oasis et les tentes nomades, les designers de Kare Design ont puisé leur imagination dans des horizons lointains afin de créer cette belle série de meubles ethniques chic. Les couleurs chaudes et les matériaux naturels confèrent à cette gamme, une ambiance simple et estivale que l’on affectionne. Créez un univers bienveillant et […]

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