Mother's Day Gift Guide - KARE Canada

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

21. April 2021

Mothers day gift guide


KARE Vancouver has a whole host of unique and special gift ideas to celebrate all the mother’s this mother’s day.


Deco Figurine Elefant Dumbo Uno $29.00

Picture Touched Flower Boat Blue Pink 100x80cm $169.00

Lantern Leaf Silver $109.00

Deco Object Muse Flowers $269.00

Deco Object Flamingo Road 58cm $179.00

Wall Decoration Orchid Gold 44cm $139.0

Picture Glass Flower Art Lady 120x120cm $429.00











Deco Object Chess 60×60 $599.00

Headphone Mount Transparent Assorted $49.00

Deco Figurine Gorilla Chrome $499.00

Picture Touched Red Eye Lady 90×140 $259.00

Deco Object King Skull $159.00

Wall Decoration Atlas Beetle Gold $169.0

Money Box Rockstar Pig $49.00

Bar Trolley Classy Gold $469.00















Vase Elegance Ginkgo 95 $559.00

Vase Feathers Gold 91 $509.00

Wall Decoration Wings Gold White 120x120cm $1,709.00

Vase Menagerie 44cm $199.00

Picture Frame Fragrance 115x115cm $819.00

Deco Object Betta Fish Gold Small $219.00

Mirror Solare Gold Ø132cm $2,349.00








Deco Figurine Flamingo Side Gold $169.00







Deco Figurine Gangster Dog Cream $89.00

Deco Figurine Gangster Dog $199.00

Deco Object Kissing Rabbit and Dog Silver $329.00

Deco Figurine Bulldog Colore $559.00

Picture Glass Fashion Dog 80x60cm $159.00