It’s National Dog Day

22. August 2022

It’s National Dog Day!

National Dog Day on August 26th seeks to raise awareness about the dogs in need of rescue, and to encourage the appreciation of dogs for everything that they do. Whether that be your family dog, your working dog – such as service dogs, law enforcement dogs, or any dog that has brought happiness in your life.

Dogs play a vital role in our lives. They keep us healthy, both physically and mentally, as well as increasing our opportunities to get outside and socialize. Regular walking or playing with your dog can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels and can help manage loneliness and depression.


Let’s spread awareness! Use #NationalDogDay + #KareNationalDogDay and post a photo of your dog, someone else’s dog, or even a dog object and you’ll be entered to win our Money-Box Bulldog! Corgi – Money-Box


Don’t have a furry friend to spread the love with? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of our Deco Figurine Dogs that need a new home, too.


Shop KARE dog décor and be sure to stock up on plenty of treats as well!








**National Dog Day was established and promoted in 2005 by pet advocate Colleen Paige. It is observed annually on August 26th.

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