7. February 2017

Lights, lamps, luminaires, one of the issues that are difficult, when it comes to furnishing. How does the perfect lamp look like? Which kind of light should it give and is one ceiling light really enough to brighten up the whole room?


In many cases you are invited to friends, who have just moved some months ago, and there is this naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. This could of course look stylish, but in that situation it is mostly not. With a little grin you ask if it should stay like this. – Of course not! But it is hard to find a great lamp for a good price. The spotlight sold in the construction market is not the right choice for the desired atmosphere and either doesn’t match the interior.

Therefore, KARE has a brilliant new catalogue with over 300 lamps in all possible styles, size and forms for great prizes.

Here some extracts – So you get your dream-lamp even faster!


Lights with the 1000&1 night effect

Dreamlike pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps in a lanterns look. Whisk your home into an oriental atmosphere.


This way to the cozy oasis.


1,2,3… many lampshades for one lamp

A lot of lampshades for wall, ceiling and floor can be found on a lot of pages in our new lightshow catalogue. The impressive luminous objects decorate bare walls and make your hallway a classy visiting card. They give pleasant, warm light and place a strong emphasis with their exceptional form. The individual lampshades catches the eye over and over again. Modern, classic, natural or with vintage-flair – something with many lampshades in all style categories.


Everything about our Parecchi Collection.


All that glisters is not gold – it’s copper

Copper does not flaunt – it has no need for it. It proves sense of style with a charming understatement. Also copper has a lot of facets, modern, glamorous, vintage or industrial – it assimilates itself perfectly to any furnishing style and gives your home a metallic gloss and warmth at once.




Vintage Style

Industrial Charm

… All our Copper Lamps


Pure nature

Each lamp is unique. Get a real piece of nature for your home and experience the amazing contrast between the classic, reduced form of base and lampshade in comparison to drift wood. Modern and clean lines get mixed up with unique natural materials. We are drawn in by the suspenseful play with contrast.


All our wooden lamps.

Give me more – Chandeliers are needed!

Why spill, when you can show off? We’ve got the lamps of your dreams you may possibly find in a grand hotel lobby. The perfect chandelier for your bathroom is easy to find in our assortment. When there should be glitter and glam, the next pages of our Bright Delight catalogue are a real must for you.


To all our chandelier and pendant lamps, this way!


The revival of the bulb

There it is again, the bulb hanging directly from the ceiling. But this time it is cool and stylish – guaranteed no interim solution!


On its own

Vintage Style


Clear lines

These unexceptional lights where designed with the idea of reinterpreting the classical shapes. Now we’ve got intriguing lights, creating expressive highlights. The fine frame made of metal has a delicate note.


Our floor lamps.

Modern, minimalistic and incredible stylish

Less is not possible – but it needn’t be more. Fantastic minimalistic lights with LEDs give light to your home. As great contrast to your vintage armchair or in perfect match with the design sofa, these lamps enhance your interior in a modest way.


Our floor lamps.



Putting your highlights in the limelight – that’s a job for our spotlights. Impressive design for a great atmosphere. In black with gold or a cool industrial look, directly from Hollywood, just keep them busy with brightening up your life.




Just browse through our Bright Delight catalogue and come to light. Even if you’re not searching for a lamp at the moment – some more pools of light give your home more cosines and rich variety.

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.