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Summer Colours 2019

03. June 2019

What are the trending Summer Colours of 2019?


Summer is full of colours shades, undertones, and highlights!

The colours we choose for our living spaces, should speak to our spirit and radiate our personality, and ideally also be chosen to match the seasons.

“Summer is HERE” – Let’s talk about colours!




White is a neutral colour and one of the best colours for summer. Naturally, this colour reflects the sun rays keeping your space airy and fresh.

Summer colours - White Furniture Ideas

White is commonly used in interior design, especially in areas where bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevalent.

If you want to redecorate for summer or just find suitable solutions for your summer home, then the Dolce armchair is as sweet as its name and it matches very well with the Sweet Home sideboard, keeping everything organized.

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Yellow is the colour of the sun, radiating happiness and warmth through the warmest season.

Yellow can light up any room, especially areas in your home where natural light is not enough, making your home open and welcoming.

For a bold statement, our Yellow Vicky Velvet armchair will fit perfectly in your home! For more subtle yellow accessorizing, try decorating with smaller items like the Vase Zebra or the Pineapple Deco Platter.

Dress up your wall with the stunning Touched Meander picture and make yourself comfortable with yellow cushions.

Explore more yellow items on our website.

Summer Colours - Yellow Furniture Ideas





In combination with yellow, green can look very fresh, cheerful and summery. Green is the colour of nature; there’s a connection to the outdoors and especially to summer.

It pairs harmoniously with almost every other colour, bringing beautiful dimensions to interiors.

Bring nature into your home with picture frames like the Art Paradise Bird or the Cushion Jungle Cocoon.

We also suggest simple and elegant mini decorations like the Vase Art in pastel green.

Summer colours - Green furniture ideas

There are so many green choices for you to explore on our website (here)





A blue living room has a calming, stabilizing effect on your home.

Blue is the colour of meditation and relaxation and the most suitable colour to cool down a room from these hot summer days!

Blue looks even better when combined with wood, and our Capri Collection combines both in an elegant but yet funky way.

Simple decorations sometimes go the longest way. The Oil Painting Abstract Blue reminds us of the calming sea and some of our favourite vases are the Vase Positano and the Vase Cutting.

If you want to upgrade the lighting of your home, the Pendant Lamp Galaxy Dining Cinque is the right choice to bring summer into any room.

You can find more ideas on our website (here)

Summer Colours - Blue Furniture Ideas

Set up your summer mood with colours that brighten your spirit up and make your home feel like an everlasting holiday season!

Combine nature with a carefree mood by adding blue, green and yellow touches to your living spaces.


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