Summer-full Inspiration

28. June 2019

7+1 ideas for a refreshing living space

Summer in the Island of Cyprus is absolutely hot; therefore, our living spaces must be airy and fresh.

The basic rule of summer decoration is to choose light and vibrant colours for walls and furniture.

So let’s keep it simple and get yourself inspired!



We believe in creating an impeccable foundation through the use of timeless materials, that awaken positive emotions whenever you’re in your living spaces.

Minimal earthy tones design furniture

Ultimately, furniture must be chosen sensibly in order to create an airy atmosphere, avoiding the stuffiness of too many things laying around. Therefore, we suggest investing in products that have multiple functionalities.


2. Go Bold!

Summer is all about bright colours and bold choices. KARE products satisfy every need, whether it’s for a family home or an office, but most importantly they make bold statements. Infuse your personality into your living space and dare to be a little sharp around the edges.

Our experienced designers can help you create the dream space you want, to suit your personality with eccentric and edgy, romantic or glam furniture. The KARE possibilities are endless.


3. Blush/Coral Tones

Blush tones are beautiful and the reason behind the blush design trend is simple –it is both warm and timeless. The colour pink is directly linked with Spring and Summer, however, it’s suitable for every season as it looks good with almost every other colour.


Add a few blush accent pieces to your favourite room – it will certainly imbue stylish edge to your decor. Incorporate blue, green, or teal pillows on a soft pink sofa, for a more lively, fresh and summery look.

Swivel Chair Zuzi Powder Flores Series Coral Furniture

4. Natural Materials

Rustic decor emphasizes on rugged and natural beauty and it is definitely a summer must for your home. Natural materials have an informal elegance and will also bring you closer to nature right in your home. Enjoy comfortable and modern living at its best! Rustic furniture gives an artistic touch to your living spaces. This style works almost in every interior, especially in a modern ambiance.

Elements Series Furniture from solid wood Natural Material Shelves

5. Plants & Vases

summer plants

Exotic plants are reminiscent of faraway countries and can simply add vitality to a room. We have a soft spot for desert plants such as cacti or aloe vera, which are perfect for Cyprus hot weather. Additionally, plants tend to filter the air and work as a great air purifier.

The most inviting summer living rooms have unique vases and lots of plants, either real or artificial.
Explore our collection of artificial plants here and our wide collection of vases here

6. Textures

Choose your textures wisely! A leather sofa can make you feel hot during summer; a light overthrow addition will let your skin breath. The best texture for summer is cotton or any delicate fabric.

Carpets are known for keeping us warm and cozy through cold seasons, but they also tend to protect the flooring during hot summer days. Depending on how you style a carpet it can give life and intensity to spaces! Oriental carpets are an absolute trend for this summer.

ethic summer look interior design


7. Mirrors

Reflect natural sunlight in all corners of a room. Hang a large mirror in small rooms to make the space feel larger and brighter instantly.

Mirrors give beautiful dimensions to interiors, especially if the placement is opposite a window, to catch a glimpse of the outdoor scenery.


View more mirrors here

Bonus: Vibrant Colours

The summer feeling can be present in your home with a dash of vibrant colours. Look for small items in the colours of yellow, green, orange or blue.

For the fastest possible makeover use graphic paintings on your walls and fresh flowers or vibrant dishes for your dinner table.



Just like seasons change, dare to make changes in your home.

Our experienced interior designers will help you achieve the ultimate effect in your living spaces to lift your mood. → Contact us for a FREE Interior Design Consultation

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