9. December 2016


Are you looking for ideas for successful gifts? Don’t worry – with our suggestions you won’t have any problems choosing the right presents for Christmas or little tokens of appreciation during the Advent period. After all, the giving of presents should make everyone happy – both the person who gives them and the person who receives them. We invite you to discover some great gift ideas and inspiring thoughts on the subject of giving from Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen – design professionals
and the owners of KARE.

Five gift ideas for the home of your loved ones

1. Storage: some really practical gifts
You can never have too many of them: things which help you to create order such a stylish tins, elegant boxes and other storage ideas. In their home office your friends all want to tidy away pens, post-it notes, paper clips and all our other bits and pieces in a stylish way, so they will be delighted to receive tins, cases and boxes in various shapes and colours – of course carefully chosen by you in line with your knowledge of their design preferences. For example, we recommend wooden boxes for little notes, receipts and even love letters. You can place a lovingly written note in the box that you give to a friend, ensuring that your gift will long be remembered. A refined touch: you can also perfume the wooden box with a couple of drops of essential oil, which you can then add to your gift. There’s no limit to the diversity of design offered by storage containers: shiny and mat metal tins made in gold, silver and copper as well as ceramics in the most wonderful colours and prints – available individually or as a set. And jewellery boxes are a welcome gift idea for all fashionistas looking to keep earrings, bracelets and chains in a tidy place.

The Gift of PleasureDeco Jar Noble Triangle 21cm | Deko Jar Art Miami | Box Rami | Deko Jar Cottage Ø30cm | Box Santorini Big |

2. Highly personal gift ideas for the wall and souvenir photos
Why not give the gift of your smile? Simply find your favourite selfie and organise an attractive frame. Of course the idea will also work well with several photos, not just of you but also of very special moments with the person who is receiving your gift. And if you’re good at drawing you can make a little sketch showing how the photos can be placed stylishly. You’ll find lots of ideas for this on Pinterest, for example. Or if you’re in a hurry you can also buy pictures, which are available in huge quantities: photographic art either in colour or black and white, framed pictures with architectural motifs, pictures with dogs and cats or even hand-painted oil paintings with 3-D effects and amusing motifs. Our style guide will help you to find the right picture for the home of the person receiving your gift: A collection of pictures in black-and-white and grey shades, or pictures in pastel colours look great in a decor featuring the light-coloured Nordic style and with dark wood. A colourful mixture of pictures found at the flea market, your own photos and new paintings will give a collection of pictures on a coloured wall that authentic boho style. But no matter what art works or photos you choose, the main thing is that your gift should showcase the dreams, wonderful memories and favourite themes of the person receiving the gift.Rahmen Frame Barock Chic Multiple 6 Turqouise | Frame Rifugio Copper 10×15 cm | Frame Africano Zick Zack 13x18cm | Frame Africano Print 13x18cm | Frame Wave Black | Frame Avisio Velvet Rot 10×15 cm | Frame Rose Rosegold 13×18 cm

Jürgen Reiter

“One of my favourite sayings is ‘You only see really clearly with the heart’ ’from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The important aspect of giving is not what you give but whether the idea comes from the heart. When I come home after a hard day’s work and my eye catches a decorative gift from someone I care for, it gives me a positive charge. It is such moments that I want to create with my own gifts.”
Jürgen Reiter, owner and manager of KARE.


Deko Wall Clock Desire Marble Grün | Deco Object LOVE Gold | Deko Object Sunbeam | Tea Light Holder Wire Square Rose Gold |

Tortuga 3. Gifts for your host: trays, dishes and glasses

During Advent, at Christmas or New Year a lovingly set table offers a warm welcome to guests and the whole family. The end of the year is an opportunity to get together with friends and the invitations come thick and fast. This is when ideas are required for presents to give your host. You can bring out the best in the delicacies which are served by means of selected plates, unusual bowls, attractive dishes and stylish glasses. This is why the perfect gift idea for a dedicated host is a set of exquisite dinner plates or perhaps two, four or six stylish glasses for wine, champagne or long drinks. After all, a mix of styles with varied decorations on the table is very fashionable today. And if the recipient is a breakfast fan, he or she will really appreciate decorative mugs, tea or coffee cups and bowls for muesli. It’s easy to give ideas for the kitchen or the dining table that great personal touch. A little jar of home-made jam, a cake or biscuits you have baked yourself will add that essential personal feeling to the gifts you present to
cherished friends and family members.

4. Gifts to cuddle up in
The ideal gift for Christmas is a cuddly blanket for that favourite armchair, sofa or bedroom. If you know the favourite colours of the recipient you can’t go wrong with a cosy cushion or fluffy plaid. Simply follow our decorative guide and your cuddly gift is sure to be well received. A woolly blanket or a bedspread made of artificial hide will add the perfect finishing touch to a bed, while a plaid with rich colours and patterns will keep the feet warm. Alternatively it will give a visual impression of order to the bed during the day. A sofa cover draped over the armrest of the couch or armchair creates an inviting feeling of homeliness in the living room, and is a temptation to simply chill for a while. Cushions, of which we can never have enough, are always a popular gift when it comes to freshening up a furnishing style. If you pick out the gift specifically for the recipient’s favourite corner he or she will be delighted that you have given so much much thought to making exactly the right selection.


Cushion Mr Right 45x45cm | Cushion Mrs Always Right 45×45 cm | Blanket Knit Weiß 140×200 cm | Cushion Little Pussy Cat 45x45cm | Cushion Proud Deer 60×60 cm |

Peter Schönhofen “On the subject of giving, whether it’s at Christmas, a dinner invitation or for a birthday, I always try for the unexpected and for moments of real surprise. The ‘wow’ effect provides equal delight both to the giver of the gift and its recipient. Above all an unexpected gift for the host shows that the giver has devoted a lot of time and thought to the creative gift idea – for me this is an expression of appreciation and friendship.
If you’re looking for something witty, why not a mini display case for footballers – also available for anglers, golfers and automobile fans. And if you need a present in a hurry, a gift card with a voucher is ideal – after all, we all have something on our personal shopping list.”
Peter Schönhofen, owner and manager of KARE.


Deco Shadow Box Soccer

5. Decorative gift ideas
Eye-catching decorative objects, witty money boxes or unusual bookends represent uncomplicated gifts for the homes of your loved ones. Decorations which reflect the taste of the recipient provide furnishing inspiration and add original highlights which give the apartment an individual touch. And above all: every glance at your gift will be a reminder of your wonderful friendship! The gift of an out-of-the-ordinary decorative figure, for example in the Oriental style, will help the recipient in styling his or her home. On the subject of wall decorations you have a choice not just of pictures, mirrors and clocks but also unusual objects such as decorative antlers in a range of styles, retro advertising signs or panels with maps which will inspire all interior fans in the furnishing of their home.

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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