Genovevas Living Room Favourites

16. February 2016

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I love things that inspire me and tell a story.

The sideboard Shanti Surprise Puzzle is one of these unique pieces for which I would immediately make some free space in my apartment. Its many small details bathe the room in a mood of mystery and distant worlds where long vines are hanging from the walls and the scent of colorful flowers is in the heavy air. The Deco Figurine Asia Stone Classy is a perfect match. It exudes calmness and earthiness on me – and the stone look harmonises the characteristic wooden front of the sideboard.

The living room is one of the most important rooms for me – especially during the cold season. Combined with the round bed Boudoir 4-Seater Small an extraordinary mix of styles is made. This sinful and soft velvet, which ensures a particularly beautiful hot red shimmer, attracts me easily. I want to fall down onto it immediately. By the way: this sofa is ideal for connecting rooms that can be accessed from different sides, also like entrance areas or shop locations.

What else would I love to put in my dreamhouse? – In any case, I would choose the mirror Venice Crack. It is one of those statement pieces that are as well useful, as it brings light into dark rooms. In addition, it hits my humor and reminds me a bit of Banksy’s red telephone booth 2006 in Soho. He made a life-size version of the booth that was bent and lying on the side, to protest against the abolition of this London classic. Of course, the cell was not really bent, but it looked like cut up and reassembled, so that it now had this curvature. Much like the mirror Venice Crack, that represents a stylized broken mirror, even though it is not broken in any way. But even more interesting than before.


When it comes to flowers I love orchids – I don’t have the green fingers for real ones…I tried it several times. So of course, I immediately noticed the glass picture The Elephant by photo artist Mayk Azzato. The picture is mystical, dark, while showing very feminine colors like pink and turquoise. Nevertheless, it is not too “girlie” for my taste. It casually completes my multicultural inspired design theme.
… And you will never have to pour these flowers – guaranteed.

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