Holiday feeling: summerlike living with Finca Flair

1. August 2018

When it gets hot, we all love airy, bright and and light living and decoration ideas. They awaken memories of the last Finca holiday in Mallorca or increase the anticipation for the coming summer holiday. The perfect inspiration for shaping the hot summer days is using natural materials in a sandy color palette. Think of a beach oasis, the bright sun-blotted swamp wood, the shells, the grunts of the dunes, and the leaflets of olive trees, succulents and cacti. In addition, the clear blue of the sky and the flat waves on the beach will inspire you to pinpoint your favorite ideas on the wall. With this set-up concept you can create a fresh, relaxed and very harmonious basic mood, whether in the living room or bedroom in the bedroom.


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Kommode-puro-serie-kare-300x171Light, solid wood, lacquered natural or matt, accessories made of solid wood, Mediterranean plants and decorative book envelopes, self-made decoration made from paper and leather materials find at the flea markets finishes the delicate summer look at home.





Decorating tips:


If you love exotic decoration and bright colors, you can simply add a decorative touch to the summer natural look. To do this, paint a wall in contrast color or put up colorful décor of your taste – such as retro phone, pillows, windlights and colorful ceramic dishes. In order to keep the harmonious basic mood, you should opt for a set of colorful accents.



Our collection Puro offers solid wood furniture with carvings in all designs: small dressers, wardrobes, dining tables, closets and much more.

Taberna-kaktee-blau-KARE-300x230Puro is using traditional carvings for refinishing all its models. The collection is made of solid mango wood, which is popular because of its friendly color, beautiful grain and strength in the furniture construction. The idea of using mango wood for furniture construction also saves resources. Mango trees are initially used for production of fruits. For approximately 15 years fruit growers can harvest the mangoes, then the production decreases. The use of wood in furniture construction is then ecologically reasonable.

Styling Tip: Play your summery tone-in-tone interiors with structures and materials, which gives your spaces aesthetic tension. Woven cotton meets noble crease, and coat rugs meet embroideries. Combine rough and smooth surfaces and use lanterns with embossed ornaments or with traceries.




“I wanted to create a furniture collection that touches the souls. These decorative carvings, the velvety surfaces of mango wood and the honest craftsmanship create a thoroughly natural radiance, “Jürgen Reiter, founder and responsible for the collections of KARE confesses. Definitely the collection is really successful- therefore, it is not a miracle that the readers of the speicialized magazine “Wohnidee” have selected Puro Collection’s dining table as the winner of the readers for 2016 in the sections home ideas.


The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.