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Welcome to KARE Kazakhstan


FINCA Collection – the New Ethno Style

30. September 2015

We love to have such a unique piece of furniture at home, be it a solitary piece or the complete series. Finca is never loud or intrusive, the charm of lovely details and different surfaces speaks for itsself. We love to combine Finca with a light green colour, many plants and our belove Kelim carpets. […]

The JAZZ Collection – not for the wallflowers among us

30. September 2015

Jazz ist not for everybody. It is the dreamy hideaway for kings and queens of taste with no fear of exaggeration. Heaps of gold and bling, a little bit of (imitated) crocodile? It is a tribute to the best part of the 80s, to Miami Beach and the best parts of Italy. Let’s paint the […]

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