Natural colors


1. sofa INFINITY / 2. carpet 39203 / 3. floor lamp 34135 / 4. pendant lamp 38804 / 5. coffee tables 81464 i 81465 / 6. picture39651 / 7. cushion 39203

To turn a room into a cozy retreat, it’s best to use warm colors. Especially with neutrally colored furniture pieces such as the sofa INFINITY a colored wall or wallpaper fits perfectly! Why not be brave and just go for Yellow or Orange? The dominant feel-good color shines especially beautiful when it is combined with subtle, neutral tones like brown, beige or white. Absolute eyecatcher is a crazy painting or wall decor.

Fine retro charm


1. sofa INFINITY / 2. carpet 39668/ 3. pendant lamp 38313 / 4. coffee table 81294 / 5. pictures 38451 i 38452 / 6. cushions 39482 i 39483

The hottest interior trend of the year: Retro! There are many ways to introduse this style to your living room.

Our tip: Give this style a certain something with an exciting mix of metal and high-quality acrylic elements – such as the hanging lamp Balloon Colore. By the way – this piece also serves a welcome point of reference for the new color scheme! The different sized balls of the lamp are being iterated in the carpet again. A well-rounded concept!

Shiny highlights


1. sofa INFINITY / 2. carpet 32019 / 3. pendant lamp 38915 / 4. table lamp 38914 / 5. coffee table 80555 / 6. wine tray 81428 / 7. mirrors 81624 i 81625 / 8. screen 80771 / 9. cushion 39480
A neutral colored sofa is the perfect base for a noble and luxurious look. Combine our popular sofa INFINITY with glamorous accessories that exude graceful ease. Matt black coated metal elements form the bridge between these different types of furniture. In front of the dark, coffee-colored wall the bright sofa exudes its qualities as a highlight piece being sublimed with shiny accessories.