KARE services and benefits

  1. KARE club card

KARE klub kartica

Become a member of KARE club!

What do you need? Good will ? What do you get with membership? Excellent offers!

Every month you will find new products at special prices for KARE club card owners only!

How to become a member? It is simple – at the cashier in our showroom ask for the access issuing list, fill in the information and wait for your card. If you do not have a card and want to purchase a product at a promotion, you only need to request your copy of the card and follow our special deals.
See more at the KARE club page.


  1. KARE wedding list

If you are planning a wedding and furnishing your new home – this one is for you!

Best way to furnish your new home and to receive exactly what you want is to open WEDDING LIST in KARE shop.

We offer:

  • professional consulting regarding interior design
  • 10% discount for everything you choose
  • we inform your guests that your wedding list is active
  • we send “Thank you” cards to every guest that participated
  • FREE delivery and assembly of the purchased furniture

What to do:

  • Visit you KARE showroom in Belgrade, Dečanskoj Street 12.
  • you can choose between:
    • reserving exaclty what items you want or
    • take the gift card option where we collect the amount for future purchase (you have one year to realize the purchase after the payment)
  • you provide us with guest list (with contact details – name, phone and/or mail). There is an option to enter the address of the KARE shoe room in the invitation so that guests know that the gift list is open.
  • The invited guests will visit KARE showroom and participate in selected gifts (by buying gifts or leaving deposits as part of the gift card option).
  • We list all the participants in the gift list and with your permission we send the “Thank you” card to all.
  • After your wedding, we will be at your disposal for the selection and transport of selected items.

The deposit that is left by using a gift card can be used within one year of payment. One year after the opening, the wedding gift list will no longer be current.


  1. KARE gift card

You want to give a KARE present , but you are not sure what the right choice would be?

The best choice is the KARE gift card!


This is actually a depository service of a certain amount of money you want to spend for a gift to the account we are opening for a gift recipient. The amount is not limited and can be spent within one year of opening a gift card. In this way, gift recipients can choose the best gift for themselves.

It is good to know that a gift card doesn’t need to be used immediately. There are people who cannot chose at once, or maybe to wait for finishing their premises, and they can use gift card within a year of receiving. Also, they do not have to spend the whole amount on one purchase, but according to their needs. Gift cards can not be used for discounted items.


  1. Transportation and assembly of goods

Most of our products come in packages that are easy to manipulate and which can fit into a classic car. That is why we decided not to include transportation in the price of the article.

If you have any need for our delivery, we will be happy to help. There are several options of this KARE – additional service that the buyer can choose …

It should be noted that the goods are delivered to the buyer’s premises, in the packaging in which it came.

  1. Delivery to the address in Belgrade, for premises up to the 2nd floor. The price for this service is 5.000,00 dinars.
  2. Delivery to the address in Belgrade, for premises without the elevator above the third and up to sixth floor the price for this service increases by 700,00 per additional floor for heavy pieces of furniture ( sideboards, sofas, cabinets, etc) The price is determined according to the size and quantity of the goods and flooring.
  3. The assembly of the delivered goods is charged separately and implies the assembly of items that have come in separated parts/packages and it is realized in the buyer’s premises. The price of this service depends on the amount of goods and the complexity of the installation, ranging from 1,000.00 to 6.000,00 dinars.

chair assembly per pc 1.000,00 dinars,

armchair assembly per pc 1.500,00 din,

dresser, sideboard, desk, shelf, 2.000,00 dinars,

dining table without base frame 2.500,00 dinars,

dining table with additional base frame 4.000,00 dinars,

soccer table 6.000,00 dinars

price list valid from 23.02.2024.

Special request is required for installation that involves work on walls or installations at the customer.

If goods are transported outside of Belgrade, it is necessary to ask for a quotation for the delivery price.

At your disposal,

KARE Serbia

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.


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