Work In Style

10. March 2023

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work. Employees are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for an unattractive workplace. In addition to interesting tasks and nice colleagues, the working environment plays a crucial role in job satisfaction. The goal is to create conditions for sustainable engagement that not only stimulates employees to be productive, but also fulfills them and provides them with additional energy. As a business, you want the office to be a place where the environment, technology and amenities work together to create an energy that attracts and supports people. Investing in interior design is not just an investment. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and productivity. So if your team is happier, they’re likely to be more productive!

Your work space is not only a working office, but also a lounge section, a conference area, a party room, a kitchen or a mini bar. Being at work should be pleasant, but it also should be fun!

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What makes us perfect partners in realizing your ideas?

A network of partners with whom we can provide full service at the highest level.

A complete portfolio of furnished and equipped restaurants, bars, business premises, hotels, hostels, TV sets, apartments, shops, private interior design projects and even rental services.

We think far beyond design and furniture and create sets of trends and themes that contribute to the impact of your space.

We make your project more fun by giving you access to the competitive prices offered by direct wholesale buying.

Team offices

Professionals and the general public alike wonder how to get people back to office.

We agree that going to office provides us with an additional activity that we need more in an era when we are less physically active, and used to doing work from the armchair through the computer.

Why should being in the office be unpleasant and perceived as a big burden?

KARE, like many other companies, wants to inspire a return to the office workplace! We are here to facilitate the creation of the appearance of business premises and to create an inspiring atmosphere.

Executive offices

A classy and serious ambience is not a necessary solution for this kind of interior. We want to create a closer relationship between employees, but we must not forget our superiors. Wood and soft, earthy colors bring warmth to any setting, creating a more intimate and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for one-person offices. Conversation with the director is not a bogeyman!

Shared space

Lounge rooms are just as important as offices, because this is where ideas are shared and new friendships are made.

We are very much used to working from the warmth of our home, but as the situation in the world is getting better every day, the hybrid way of doing business is becoming more popular. Therefore, KARE has the idea to inspire an interesting space that will encourage employees to play and let them know that it is okay to take a break when it is needed. The shared lounge area has the role of relaxing your mind and body just when you need that break.

Conference room

We are satisfied when we work in a space that exudes comfort, that is adequately equipped for work and that has a positive effect on our psyche with its features.

We are aware that the duration of a meeting can significantly affect the mood and enthusiasm of those present, so that’s why we bring colors and decor into the conference room! House version or office, don’t let your great ideas go unnoticed because someone fell asleep in the middle of a meeting…

Home office

The past few years have significantly changed the way of life, and the state of the world has forced us to work from home. Today, when the situation is much better, KARE wants to inspire people all over the world to bring cheerfulness, joy and interest into their business premises. Whether you work from home or from the office, the environment always plays an important role when it comes to mood, and that is exactly what our team wants to achieve! Good mood for your employees!

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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