10. December 2016

2016-Blogbeitrag-Geschenktypen-engOur gift ideas cover every kind of person – from the mother-in-law to the party animal! We’ll get you on the right track. Each according to his taste – couchpotatoes can shop online or you can visit us in the KARE Odessa

The 8 different gift types

# 1 The Joker

His listeners are literally hanging on his lips while he takes over every conversation with everyday anecdotes – just like a professional comedian. Humor is not always contagious. But a joker knows how to create a good atmosphere no matter where.Joker 1.Deco Figurine Pig Mating | 2.Money Box Peeing Mops | 3. Paper Roll Holder Pig Chrome | 4. Deco Figurine Fencing Pig | 5. Picture Touched Last Supper 100x240cm

# 2 The Lady

She is girlish and sexy at the same time and loves glamorous and stylish warm color combinations. Red reminds her of the red carpet and with her mates she analyses every style faux pas of her fellow humans. Sex and the City is in the air Lady
1. Table Lamp Mops Pink | 2. Cosmetik Set Diamonds | 3. Vase Art Pastell Pink | 4. Chair Posh Silber Pink | 5. Mirror Italian Baroque Gold 180×90

# 3 The Nerd

She studies physics to understand the world but actually this does not challenge her. She loves to let his mind wander while her is watching her favourite science fiction series, which she would defend on blood even though it has obvious logic flaws.Nerd
1. Wall Clock European Map 96cm | 2. Secretary Desk Colonial Cross | 3. Chair Boss Black | 4. Table Lamp Rocky | 5. Globe Colonial

# 4 The Ruler

She is sitting at the head of the table while her terrifying pedigree dog is carrying in the mail. Discussions at the table? Only adequate topics, please.Ruler
1. Deco Figurine Gorilla XL | 2. Picture Proud Lion 120 x 180 cm | 3. Floor Lamp Jumpo Spot | 4. Chair Queen Black Velvet

# 5 The Party Animal

Party, party, party! Everytime! Everywhere! As long as it’s loud! Type party animal is spontaneous and takes everythingas it comes. You can sleep when you’re dead. He always carries a spare toothbrush ready for anything, anytime.Favorite songs must be sung. Stand a round!Party Animal
1. Fairy Lights Cascade LED 100cm | 2. Mirror Disco 71x71cm | 3. Bar Lady Rock Black |4. Bar Chair Uptown |5. Globe Bar Disco Red

# 6 The Ice Queen

Sensuous and elegant, classic and modern – like the chilly blonde Hitchcock type. Untouchable, absolutely stylish andwith an inscrutable mind, she drives people crazy, faszinating them at the same time. Ice, Ice BabyIce Queen 1. Pendant Lamp Barock Clear |2. Deco Head Deer White |3. Deco Figurine Standing Horse 181cm | 4. Chair Louis White Crocodile |5. Mirror Water Drops Round 120 cm

# 7 The Romantic

Unicorns, building castles in the air and an eternal love is all that matters. With a melancholy look in her eyes she dreams of the far, far away lands that seems so close to her, reading her favourite books again and again.
1. Pendant Lamp Gobi Paris |2. Blanket Knit Weiß |3. Latern Al Andalus Circles Ivory | 4. Frame Fairy Tale 10×15 cm | 5. Vase Owl

# 8 The Mother-in-law

Conservative, stubborn – sometimes lovable. She perceives gifts as her social claim. Rather too much than too little,even if it would not have been necessaryand the lady secretly blushes.
Mother in Law
1. Wall Clock Cuckoo Heart | 2. Wall Cabinet Flower Garden | 3. Chushion Kelim Pop Grey 60x40cm |4. Vase Miami 54cm |5. Carpet Persian Patchwork 170 x 240 cm
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