New collection – Tortuga!

23. November 2016

Meet absolutly original, new collection by Kare designers – Tortuga. You can see a wonderful combination of solid wood furniture with medieval colorful ethnic patterns.

A little bit about Tortuga!

Distinctive furniture Tortuga is made from solid mango wood with inlays of modern design elements in anthracite. Housing drawers and cupboards covered with a thin metal frame.

Tortuga Sideboard

Dining table, size – 180×90 cm, article 81304 | Coffee table, size – 120×60 cm, article 81 308 | Stand, size – 160×35 cm, article – 81306 | Chest, size – 90×40 cm, article – 81307.
Wooden mosaic on Tortuga furniture are handmade by masters of their craft. Various granular pieces of wood are combined with each other, like a decoration. Patterns of collection remind a sumptuous geometric patterns on the floors with amazing three-dimensional effects.

Tortuga Ethno Muster

Handmade Indian masters and the uniqueness of each wood element makes each piece of furniture Tortuga series is especially unique.


Favorite master’s place: Bambini cozy chair with an embroidered cotton coated and patterned on the back next to the sideboard Tortuga. Armchair Bambini, article – 81511 | Stand, size – 160×35 sm, article – 81306
Tortuga furniture creates a special, cozy atmosphere in any room. Ensure that can everyone, who wish it!


Decorative horse Rocking Horse Caballito, article – 39296 | Cleopatra blue ceramic vase and in the petals and different sizes | Bench Bambini, article – 81508 | seat Bambini, article – 81511

Kommode Tortuga

Lamp parecchi Art House, article – 39038 | dresser, size – 90h40 cm, article – 81307 | Folding chair Mafalla, article – 81313 | Bench Tazzle, article – 81 510 | Armchair Brown, article – 78 211


Sofa Fashionista, article – 81604 | Table Lamp Study, article – 39685 | Candlestick, article – 39323

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