The Magical Sunshine State and Nonconformist KARE: The Perfect Match

26. April 2021

What began as a single store in Munich, Germany, has now arrived to the Sunshine State and it’s here to stay. In 1981, two friends realized that the furniture industry was too ‘boring’ so they united their creativity to form what KARE is today; with more than 100 stores in 40 countries. In the words of the creatives, “…the fun of furnishing knows no borders.” This is why it found its way to the city that doesn’t sleep, one that appreciates fun and art.


KARE symbolizes furnishing that is unique, non-conformist and authentic – never boring and always full of imagination and inspiration—succeeding like no other brand in tracking down style icons, developing trends and innovations in furniture design. What’s a better place to extend those ideas to than Miami? The colorful and diverse hub for art and culture.


Let’s explore some top KARE items that speak and feel like at home, starting with the Sofa Bed Milchbar Beige.

This stylish sofa is the perfect mix for someone that seeks a modern design, light retro touch and practical operation. It’s for the nights that run too long and your friends have to stay over, transforming into a subtle and comfortable sofa bed. And for the delicate brunch dates that need to create a good impression in the in-laws or business partners.


While we are trying to make a good impression, let us turn necks with the Table from the Gloria collection. Luxury appeal and sophistication is all this piece transmits. In Miami, a little glamour never hurts anyone. This dining table makes an impact with its creative refinement and elegant, slightly eccentric touch. Just by dining in this table you feel like a million dollars, and why shouldn’t we?

Everything in Miami seems to have curves, Turnpike, the women, so why shouldn’t your furniture? The curves in the spectacular Sofia Night Fever 3 will catch everyone’s eye. Glamorous purple, a velvety cover and brass-colored, delicate legs ensure that Night Fever is a VIP among sofas. This piece is one of those that looks good anywhere you place it in the room because the back and sides are so attractive to look at.

On a more serious note now, who doesn’t want a bar in their house? The Bar Lady Rock Yellow, a small piece of furniture, but a significant statement: the home bar. Because it is so elegant and filigree, the Lady Rock bar finds its place in any size rooms and for those cooler Miami nights, the Lady Rock can be placed in the patio/backyard for evening drinks. This piece creates a whole scenery that everyone wants to be a part of; it seems to always be a party.

And to match the patio drinks or brunch, we bring you the Hanging Chair Ibiza Brown. When you’re longing for an afternoon on the beach, but you are home, the Ibiza rocking chair might be the solution. Find a time to relax in the comfort of your home with a nifty hanging chair in boho style that competes with any cuddly sofa. How could it be possible to be stressed when rocking yourself back and forth. Escape your reality without having to leave your home, grab a book or blast some music and call it a day.

Explore it first hand yourself from the comfort of your home by surfing to our online store and finding your #KARESTYLE

This is just a tiny glimpse of what KARE really is; we aim to decorate and inspire the world. It is an honor to make South Florida part of the Joy of Living family. The Magic City and the nonconformist KARE create an unforgettable match.


The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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