Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide- KARE Edition

4. June 2021

Father’s Day is sneaking around the corner, bringing the question of what fantastic gift we can find for our dads. Of course, if you ask them, the answer will be “nothing” and you don’t want to be the one to give a classic tie or patterned socks.


Fathers are heroes, builders, singers, and first love; they deserve a unique gift on their day. After years of seeing families struggle with the same ordinary gift ideas, KARE has prepared the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for you. One that has a gift for every father, from the businessman to the gourmet of the house!


For the Businessman


Here is to the dads that spend extra hours in their office and treat their office as a sacred space. The Desk Soft Snake Walnut is an elegant desk with highly original styling- this desk is like a snake with its elegant retro look, perfect for a modern home office! It has four drawers and a lot of innovative storage space for busy fathers.

Now, not everything in our father’s office has to be serious. The Bookend Monkey is a fun and valuable gift to add to your dad’s office! The handmade and decorative objects can be placed on a shelf, desk, or sideboard. Holding books has never been so amusing.


For the Bartender


This is for the father that enjoys arranging their favorite bottles in a bar and is always willing to play bartender for a house party. The Bar Cabinet Binasco will have your dad ready to be the host of the party. The metal shelf unit functions as a home bar and provides storage space for glasses, mixers, and fine wines. The Binasco also comes with a folding table and a wine rack made of genuine wood.


For the Cool Dad


Does your dad also say he is the ‘cool dad’? Cool dads need to modernize their home and provide unique details to them and even a little humor. The Deco Object Monkey is the best conversation starter, and it decorates the house in a completely different way. The detailed gorilla figure brings a modern and elegant jungle flair with bronze colors. What could be cooler than a gorilla in the middle of your house?


Our dads deserve to be spoiled on their day, and what better way than by finding the perfect gift. One that is actually unique, personal, and different. Say goodbye to the basic tie, bbq, and socks gift and find the perfect gift for your dad with the KARE style. All these items and many more are available on our website and ready to be shipped for Father’s Day.


Since our first break up to our first car and apartment, Dad is always by our side. Make sure to make this Father’s Day a priority and find him the ultimate gift!


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