1. December 2020

In the December / January issue of SA HOME OWNER

KARE South Africa’s Karin Cawthorne shares some tips on choosing lights that adds to the mood and ambience of a space.



An essential element when creating mood and ambience, lighting also offers endless décor opportunities, writes Guinevere Davies.

Function should always be the first consideration when it comes to choosing lighting options for every room in the home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun with it. Table lamps, and floor lamps can be statement-making décor too.

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Floor Lamp Flexible Velvet Brass Cinque

A floor lamp?

This flamboyant beauty deserves a category of its own – that s how extraordinary it is.

Doesn’t the design look as if the five lampshades are floating like balloons on fluttering ribbons?

Either way, with its urban and modern character this colourful floor lamp with its soft, cosy light is an eye-catcher in any situation.






Table Lamp Animal Rabbit White

Ohhh, how cute!

It is the small, charming things that make home our favourite place and put a smile on our lips every day.

Like this bunny light, which is a perfect gift idea for your favourite person.




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