HOMESTORY – III The Fabulous Home of Ricci – footstools, sequins, pole dance: getting to the heart of his dream home

29. March 2018

And now things really get garish. After the Jesus image, pop icons and jungle fever we turn the corner and all of a sudden we encounter one thing above all: pink. From pale rosé to Barbie pink, the walls of the narrow corridor accompany us like a promising foretaste on our way into the heart of his dream home. Shortly before the end of the corridor, as we are about to turn right into the room which is our destination, Riccardo stops – so abruptly that we almost run into each other like in a rear-end collision. “For me it’s important to have little corners for selfies and photos everywhere,” says the star blogger, whose fan community wants to be fed daily with the absorbing details of his everyday life. He perches among sequins and pearls on a luggage trolley which – with its golden accents – is reminiscent of the VIP service of a first-class hotel like the famous Chateau Marmont – a luxury hotel for stars and starlets in Los Angeles, where you might meet Hollywood stars like George Clooney in the bar. In Riccardo’s ambience it looks perfectly at home, of course, but the Vegas luggage trolley will also set stylish accents in the domestic setting of a normal mortal’s home, and has recently become a coveted interior darling of glamour-loving furnishing fans.

A couple of selfies later the door opens to the world in which Riccardo obviously feels most comfortable. Here you’ll find everything his heart beats for. “This is where I pick out the props for the movie of my life in the morning!” Riccardo has brought to life the dream of a pop diva’s dressing room, featuring a make-up table with illuminated mirror, a screen with an icon print and a pole-dance pole. Curtains, footstool and armchair gleam in red velvet, and there’s a feather boa and a director’s chair. We fly through the set of Moulin Rouge, followed by that of the Blue Angel in Berlin’s Babelsberg of the 1920s and we capture the breathy kisses of Marilyn Monroe – a journey through the cinematic glamour of the 20th century. The friends of the star blogger express it in more everyday terms: as with a mini playback show, in here they say: “You go in and come out on the other side as a completely new person!”

Not a new person, but in this setting we now meet an exuberant Riccardo in an entirely different garb. His sequin-covered outfit sparkles and shines in competition with his own radiance as he poses by his pole-dance pole. Like a rock in the surf, the ruby red velvet stool holds the fort below him, while offering additional storage space for all kinds of props under its comfortably upholstered lid. On one side of the room the matching chaise longue takes pride of place with elegance and grace. The ‘Desire’ upholstery range is a stylistic hit for the dressing room. Its gracefully curved elements and red velvet in timeless button stitching turn the charm of the boudoir into every woman’s dream room. Here feminine elegance finds a quiet retreat for decadent dreams and offers inspiration from the age when the ‘grande dame’ was the epitome of style and grace. However, you don’t have to be a duchess to bring this kind of charm into your home. And if you want to live the life of a style icon, it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a separate dressing room either. As eye-catchers next to the bed, velvet stools are a skilful statement in terms of savoir-vivre, and are wonderfully suitable as graceful receptacles for magazines, books and accessories.

Boudoirs became fashionable in the palaces of blue-blooded aristocratic ladies at the end of the 19th century. These elegantly furnished rooms, relatively small for their extensive surroundings, served as a place of retreat for the lady of the house. In classical modernism, the term ‘boudoir’ became synonymous with the dressing room. Incidentally, this always included a so-called ‘poudreuse’ – or what we today know as the ‘dressing table’ found in studios and luxurious residences. This is also where we see Riccardo flirting with the camera for one last time before we say goodbye on tiptoes to his Berlin domicile. His gaze is still dreamily absorbed in the mirror. The feather boa around his neck gives us an idea of where this favourite blogger now finds himself in his imagination: in his glamorous Hollywood dream. Exactly as it should be for an up-and-coming starlet. Maybe the next time we meet will be in the Hollywood Hills – when we visit our dreamer in his next home.

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