Furnishing trend – the tray table

16. December 2019

In future drinks will be delivered to your guests on wheels. Namely on a stylish trolley, because these are now celebrating a major revival.

A bar on wheels
Anyone who associates it with dusty furniture in Grandma’s dining room is mistaken, because the trolley is celebrating its comeback with style and glamour. Preferably as a mobile bar: bottles, glasses and bar utensils radiate their irresistible charm from the drinks trolley, which with its two shelves offers enough space to offer your guests the full range of cocktail classics.

Economic miracle & cream cake
When we talk about a comeback, we really mean a comeback, because the serving trolley has an impressive career to look back on. At the time of the German economic miracle it rolled through almost every German living room under the name of “tea trolley” or, très bourgois, “dinett”. It consisted of wafer-thin, beautifully grained rosewood, foldable in the middle, chrome-plated metal and rubber-tyred, smooth-running casters with which the Black Forest gateaux floated silently towards the guests. Quality made in Germany – that’s what the serving trolley once stood for.

via http://www.teenagewasteland.de/einrichtung/bt_bremshey_dinett.html

Linkes Bild via Pinterest; rechtes Bild via http://www.teenagewasteland.de/einrichtung/bt_bremshey_dinett.html

The serving trolley 2.0
Now it’s rolling back onto the stage, right in the middle of our mobile age in which function and flexibility have to find a place somewhere between perfection and lack of space. Whether in a Midcentury, Industrial or Glam setting, the drinks trolley makes its mark today with its versatility. With it we can transport plates and cutlery when we clear the table; as a side table it holds our remote control and snacks at the ready; next to the bed it looks great as a night stand. Even its presentation as a decorative object looks good: those who don’t constantly find use for their bar on wheels can decorate it with books, bowls, vases or elegant carafes.

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