KARE x Gillie and Marc: Art with a message for every home

1. June 2023

KARE cooperation partner Gilllie and Marc with their installation "The last March" in Singapore. Image: @gillieandmarc
KARE cooperation partner Gilllie and Marc with their installation “The last March” in Singapore. Image: @gillieandmarc

For five years, KARE CEO Jürgen Reiter has been working with the Australian artist couple Gillie and Marc. They create large animal sculptures as public art in metropolises such as New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney. Their message: to make endangered species such as rhinos or gorillas visible and to set an example against the extinction of wild animals.

Decorative objects from the exclusive KARE x Gillie and Marc cooperation.

KARE was the first company to bring the couple’s artistic ideas to Europe and make them accessible to a broad public as creative decorative figures. Customer favourites include the “Gangster Rabbit” and “Gangster Dog” decorative figures. On the occasion of the new, gigantic installation by Gillie and Marc, KARE is expanding its range in autumn 2023.

“Our goal is to fill the world with inspiring public art that spreads messages of love, equality, environmental protection and hope” Gillie and Marc

Gigantic new installation in Singapore.

Gillie and Marc are making a mark in the world of art with the world’s largest sculpture. The 192-metre-long installation of bronze sculptures “Love the last March” stands in Singapore in the parkland of the Marina Gardens. It features 45 of the most endangered species on earth, led by a gorilla.

Gillie and Marc pursue a mission with their art. Their message: save the species from extinction. With the exhibition “Love The Last”, they share the stories of endangered species with the whole world through multimedia. The work of world-famous wildlife filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough was the inspiration for this work and the World Wildelife Fund, WWF, supports the project as an official partner.

KARE x Gillie and Marc: Sculptures with a message.

The following decorative figures and sculptures by the artist couple are available in exclusive versions as “Gangster Dog”, “Gangster Rabbit” and “Sitting Dog” at KARE:

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