At home with María Imizcoz

16. décembre 2019

María Imízcoz is a successful model, blogger and singer with a passion for interior design. The native of Spain recently invited us to her Munich apartment and gave us a few insights into her furnishing style. And of course there are lots of KARE products that transform María’s apartment into an elegant and cosy retreat.





KARE Design Sofa Lullaby 2-Sitzer Taupe

Wonderfully comfortable: the softly shimmering, taupe-coloured Lullaby velvet sofa is an invitation to spend a few relaxing hours. Here María can take a break from everyday life and read a book or enjoy a cosy evening watching movies.




Our two golden eye-catching mirrors Icario and Sunbeam and our Wire brass coffee tables conjure up a stylish oasis of well-being in modern glam style in no time at all. The stylish Bello Sette standard lamp adds a further touch of glamour to María’s living room. Embroidered (velvet) cushions and pretty flower bouquets in eye-catching coloured vases add a decorative touch to the influencer’s living room.








« I love a timeless interior style with a mix of modern and classic elements. »


KARE Design Sideboard Muskat

[product IDs: »52095,Artikelnummer,Artikelnummer »] Decorative storage space! Our handcrafted Muskat sideboard is a real head-turner in the Midcentury style and reveals María’s love of retro-style furniture. This luxurious chest of drawers with its oriental decorations is perfectly staged in combination with the shiny, brass-coloured Mushroom lamp, golden picture frames and white and gold vases. The absolute wow effect is provided by our impressive Ginkgo gold wall decoration. This ornamental object accentuates the glam look and is a flamboyant alternative to pictures.







« For me breakfast is the most important meal of the day – I could never skip it. »





KARE Design Tisch Molekular Gold Ø120cm

This is the stylish setting when María has an extensive breakfast with friends and family at the weekend. Whether croissants, fruit or her favourite dishes of porridge and smoothie bowls with granola: our fine china tableware from the Bell series conjures up a unique, glamorous setting on the elegant Molekular glass table with its gold-coloured details and organic shapes. Thanks to its elliptical golden legs the glass dining table is unobtrusive, elegant and flamboyant at the same time.




To create an all-round soft and harmonious look María combines our champagne-coloured, velvety East Side chairs with the round glass table. The influencer adds an absolute highlight with her favourite KARE wall decoration: the magnificent Golden Snail ornamental frame, which is a magnificent attention-getter with its black and gold contrast.










KARE Design Bild Touched Flower Boat Gold Pink 100x80cm



Pictures in shimmering gold tones not only look elegant, but also create a warm and cosy ambience. In contrast to the ruby red wall our Touched Flowers picture really stands out! Together with the two Swing Jazz Oval lamps in the retro look of the Golden Twenties, the result is charming Old Hollywood flair that makes the apartment shine in style. Striking decorative articles like our exquisite Ginkgo bowl in white and gold and an enchanting bouquet of flowers in a simple white vase skilfully round off María’s exclusive style of furnishing.
















Fotos: Yasmin Nickel

Editor: Isabel Röhm



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