Directions: City centre, 12 Decanska Street, between Nikola Pasic Square and Nusiceva Street

Studio 3 Kompresor
Decanska 12
11 000 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 20 30 788
Fax:+381 11 29 28 809

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 21.00 hrs
Saturday 10.00 – 20.00 hrs

KARE namestaj fitness


19. October 2017

Sport park Ortenau Close to the French-German border is an inevitable station for all fitness lovers. Sport park Ortenau is designed to meet all the aesthetic needs of the visitors while  providing maximum comfort to every visitor. After the comprehensive renovation, Ortenau opened its doors for public in January. With a brand new spatial concept, […]

KARE spavaća soba

Good night sleep for a successful day

20. September 2017

KARE is devoted to original diversity and individual furnishing ideas. In detailed ambience images we present six differently furnished bedrooms: romantic and delicate, modern and unadorned, elegant with a touch of drama, in the ethnic style featuring natural wood, as a style mix consisting of loft and vintage, and with an out-of-the-ordinary retro look featuring […]

KARE inspirativni radni prostor

Inspiring work space

23. August 2017

Workspace is where the magic is happening 🙂 An ideal working space will make you will feel comfortable and everything will be functional, tailored to your personality and stylish taste. That’s why we suggest you make your ideal working space 🙂 All you need are the colors, the music for your taste, the greenery, the […]

Watermelon, Cactus and Mediterranean – this summer must have decor!

26. July 2017

New summer love These are new must have details for this year! They are hot as  volcano, refreshing as watermelon and they are reminder of the seaside! Large furniture, playful decor and wonderful accents that will draw everyone’s attention – same as our friends Watermelon (side table) and Kaktus (vase). Would you like to make […]

One sofa – three styles! Inspirations for a change

29. June 2017

Looking yor a new style? Check out our ideas! The sofa INFINTY  is a true chameleon: We’ll show you three stunning looks that will bring fresh vibes to your living room! Get inspired – and the next time, that you feel like you need a change of scenery, remember: Some pieces come back to life […]

The Furnishing Trends 2017

25. May 2017

What are the five most important styling tricks for your living room, and what does “hyggelig” mean? Let’s start with the best news: everything in the home is going to be cosy and snug! At the most important furniture early in the new year there is consensus among the experts: when it comes to furnishing […]

Brooklyn – sophisticated comfort

24. May 2017

Harmoniously rounded edges, top quality without too many decorations and handmade finishing. These are the striking quality characteristics of each product from the Brooklyn Collection, vhich come in bright and dark wood. It was KARE team that designed this collection, team that is in furnishing industry more than 35 years and combines entertainment within every […]

KARE, SAntorini, more, plaza, belo, plavo, ribe, leto

Santorini brings the holiday atmosphere home!

03. June 2016

Helpful hints and useful tricks for summer furnishing ideas from our stylists will bring the anticipation of summer into your home. Our flights to the sun have already been booked, we’ve bought our espadrilles and colourful tunics for the beach club and we’re looking forward to our holiday in the sun with the blue and […]

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